• Q. Are all your products safe for everybody?

    Q. Are all your products safe for everybody?
    You are an individual, and your body has a specific physiology unique to you. One ingredient may be safe enough for every single person on the planet, but it may be an allergen to you...
  • Q. Why are expiry dates on natural products so short?

    Because preservatives rank highest on the lists of "nasty" ingredients in cosmetics and skincare, organic and natural formulators tend to favour the more gentle, naturally-occurring preservative molecules, and then use only minimal amounts. Just enough to keep a product safe for the duration of its shelf life...
  • Q. Is this ingredient safe?

    Q. Is this ingredient safe?
    There is considerable debate among the scientific community about almost every single ingredient, and very little agreement on findings. Are parabens really cancer causing? Was the research flawed and the finding inflamed by scare-mongering green profiteers? And if parabens are dangerous, isn't the current darling preservative of natural formulators Japanese honeysuckle also dangerous?...
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