High-vibrational ingredients


High-Vibes with Max and Me

We'd like to share with you the key insights from a talk that Tanja and Max, co-founders of Max and Me, delivered in San Francisco this year. They led the conversation on "high vibrations" and what they do to ingredients.

High Vibrations unravels the genius in ingredients, helping to lift their innermost healing abilities, their potency to new heights.

High-vibrational is a gold-standard, a guarantee of quality - made with plant materials that boast a very high and rare level of vibrancy. The aromatherapeutic and skin beneficial effects of plants are heightened by the high vibrations of the ingredients.

Highly vibrant ingredients interact with your bodily systems and your subtle body to go where nothing else can, reaching each and every cell, tissue, organ and energetic centre, creating balance and igniting self-healing capacities.

For us at max and me energy, beauty and health are inextricably linked – and so Tanja and Max meticulously search these rare ingredients worldwide. They are always on the quest for the next precious gem!

The higher an ingredient vibrates, the more efficacious it is on a cellular level, the more it can release blockages and tensions and promote the free flow of energy.

The more you use highly vibrant products, the more of these regulating, harmonising impulses you benefit from, which shows in the appearance, tone, health and beauty of your skin from use one on!


1. High Vibration ingredients are master healers which unravel the genius in ingredients, enlivening their inner healing capacities to the fullest, most potent.

2. High vibrational ingredients are the purest, rarest quality, from seed to skin. We call them "lit-from-within"

3. High vibrational ingredients heighten the inherent capacities and aromatherapeutic effects of plants

4. High Vibration ingredients harmonise and regulate your entire system: skin, body, mind and emotions.

5. High Vibration ingredients reach parts where nothing else can go, each and every cell, tissue, even the nucleus, targeting troubled zones, igniting the bodies own self-healing.

6. High Vibration ingredients suffuse you with a most beautiful, vibrant flow of energy, communicating deeply on a cellular & subtle level, bringing about shifts that benefit skin and soul likewise.


Before applying, connect with the energy of the max and me treats by cupping your hands over mouth and nose and inhaling. Pay attention not only to how the skin looks like after - but also to how you feel inside.

They will have such a dramatic effect! And you will feel such a high-vibe glow this Spring.

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