100% pure steam-distilled Rosa Damascena from Morocco’s Valley of Roses, 100ml

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  • In an effort to provide assurance for our customers that our products are safe from harmful ingredients and environmentally sound, Kahina Giving Beauty has certified our products with ECOCERT. The ECOCERT mark is recognised internationally as representing one of the highest standards for organic and natural products. The rigorous standards cover key points that need to be fully evaluated and approved in order to achieve certification, from the sustainable sourcing of raw materials, to manufacturing procedures and final packaging. ECOCERT defines a requirement level that goes beyond conventional regulation governing cosmetics and guarantees the genuine practice of environmental respect throughout the production line.

    Kahina Giving Beauty is proud to be Leaping Bunny certified. Leaping Bunny is an internationally-recognised certification that assures the consumer that no animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers. All Kahina Giving Beauty products are cruelty-free

  • • Spray on cotton pad and apply to face to remove makeup and cleanse skin
    • Layer under oils for optimal hydration
    • Spritz directly on face to refine pores and tone skin
    • Mix with dry clay for a mask
    • Use as a room spray to lift spirits
    • Spray on clean hair to condition and soften
  • 100% pure steam-distilled Rosa Damascena
  • From Morocco’s Valley of Roses

    Kahina’s 100% pure steam-distilled Rosa Damascena from Morocco’s Valley of Roses soothes irritation, tones and cleanses skin for a supple and revitalized complexion. The water used to distill Kahina’s Rose Water flows from the Atlas Mountains to the Dades Gorge, infusing this water with its mineral rich content.

    • Rose Water is astringent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and has many benefits for health and beauty.
    • Kahina’s Moroccan Rose Water is pharmaceutical grade* rosa damascena
    • No added water, alcohol, fragrance or preservatives.


    Kahina’s pharmaceutical grade* Rose Water is derived from the freshest petals of the Damask Rose which grows wild in Morocco’s Valley of Roses. In Morocco, Rose Water is used to cleanse and tone skin, as well as for consumption as an aid in digestion and as an ingredient in cooking. Rose Water is anti-bacterial, astringent and anti-inflammatory so works to address a number of health and beauty concerns.

    Here are a few of the uses for Kahina’s 100% pure, steam distilled Rose Water:

    1. Spray on cotton pad to remove dirt and makeup.
    2. Soak cotton balls in rose water and apply to eyes to reduce puffiness.
    3. Spray on face or into the air to elevate your mood.
    4. Mix Rose Water into your favorite dry clay instead of water to create a deep cleansing and pore tightening mask.
    5. Rose Water can help to alleviate sunburn symptoms. Spray directly onto the affected area.
    6. Rose Water can provide relief from itching from insect bites.
    7. Rose Water can help treat acne and balance skin’s PH. Spray on a cotton pad and gently dab it on the affected area or spray directly onto skin.
    8. Combine Rose Water with epsom salts to make a beautifully scented disinfectant for your home.
    9. Rose Water keeps hair soft and frizz free. Simply spray it directly onto dry or damp hair.
    10. Mix 1 TBSP of Rose Water in a cup of water or tea and drink to aid in digestion, relieve stress and anxiety.

    *A note about pharmaceutical grade versus food grade: Food grade ingredients are unregulated while pharmaceutical grade must pass the strictest guidelines of the FDA. Potency and purity are guaranteed under this guideline.

    Made in USA

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100% pure steam-distilled Rosa Damascena from Morocco’s Valley of Roses, 100ml
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