100% plant-based formula giving off very little smoke ( 9 varieties )

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  • ATLAS CEDAR: Atlas Cedar
    PATCHOULI GERANIUM: Patchouli powder and oil, rose geranium oil.
    LEMONGRASS BENZOIN: Roman camomile powder and benzoin resin from Laos, lemongrass oil.
    EUCALYPTUS CLOVES: Clove powder, eucalyptus and camphor oil.
    CINNAMON HONEY FENNEL: Cinnamon powder, honey, fennel oil.
    ROSEWOOD THYME: Rosewood, Thyme
    CINNAMON ORANGE CLOVES: Orange, cinnamon, clove powder
    GERANIUM STAR ANISE: Rose geranium, star anise
    WHITE SAGE: White Sage

    LES ENCENS DU MONDE are certified 100% Natural incense collections produced by the major traditional incense cultures of the world – India, Tibet, and Japan. Les Encens Du Monde takes incense into a whole new realm – one of gourmet proportions!

    Les Encens Du Monde incense is composed of purely plant extracts - as opposed to the "dipped stick" incense (scentless 'punk' sticks dipped in a blend of perfume and solvent) like 95% of the incense on the market.

    To you, the global ecology, our environment, and Planet Earth
    • We choose only the very best ingredients and manufacturing techniques.
    • Our recipes aim whenever possible for 100% natural ingredients, to allow our clients to fully appreciate their real taste.
    • Our incense is largely composed of plant extracts – we do not market dipped-stick incense (scentless “punk” sticks dipped in a blend of perfume and solvent, like 95% of the incense on the market).
    • We eliminate any substance liable to present a health risk. Our products are manufactured in accordance with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. IFRA is an international professional association founded in 1973 in Brussels to encourage the development of perfumes and scents, in complete security.
    • We pay particular attention to using recyclable packaging and to decreasing the weight of the packaging in relation to that of the product (Eco conception).
    • We have created a 100% natural logo, displayed on most of our products, which confirms the following guarantees:
       ~ No solvents, preservatives, or synthetic substances.
       ~ Manufactured in accordance with an eco-friendly approach.
    • We have also initiated a process of certification with the ICEA (an independent, European, monitoring organisation). Our aim is to gradually extend this certification to all our products concerned.

    Purifying - The balsamic majesty of the Atlas cedar forests.


    Sensual - The romantic and sensual vigour of patchouli, heightened by the fruity aroma of geranium.
    INGREDIENTS: Patchouli powder and oil, rose geranium oil.


    Joyful mood - The fresh zest of lemon-grass and a bitter-sweet undertone of camomile, soothed by relaxing benzoin.
    INGREDIENTS: Roman camomile powder and benzoin resin from Laos, lemongrass oil.


    Revitalising - The fresh and invigorating aroma of eucalyptus, accentuated with a hint of cloves.
    INGREDIENTS: Clove powder, eucalyptus and camphor oil.


    For Gourmets - A symphony of cinnamon, sweetened with honey, sublimated in a mist of fennel.
    INGREDIENTS: Cinnamon powder, honey, fennel oil.


    The magical scent of Christmas, with hints of orange and cloves on a cinnamon and incense resin background.
    INGREDIENTS: Orange, cinnamon, clove powder.


    Harmonising - The tenderness and fruitiness of the rose geranium sharpened by a hint of star anise.
    INGREDIENTS: Geranium, star anise.


    Reassuring - The aromas embellishes your room with a musky scent underlined by green notes – a real bouquet of Sage.
    INGREDIENTS: White sage (Salvia apiana), which comes from California and northern Mexico.
  • French-innovation Plant Incense range
    Tube of 30 stickless incense lasting 30 min each

    Produced like fine wines, thanks to the French love of natural aromas and their savoir-faire in an authentic Art of Living, in the name of well-being and pleasure. By cultivating this passion, just as wine-makers produce their wine, they have succeeded in finding an authentic expression for French incense.

    Strongly determined by the particular tastes of the French public, these tastes have evolved considerably in the last 20 years or so. Naturally, traditional uses inspired directly by the East persist, eg. as an accompaniment to meditation or an olfactive journey. Using the incense of another country, like eating the cuisine or discovering the traditional arts, is a touch of exoticism that is always available and which does not harm the ozone layer.


    Eight 100% natural plant incenses whose special, plant-based formula gives off very little smoke. Made in Japanese incense houses to French recipes, original and natural fragrances for gourmets, with proven aromatic properties. An approach that is both ecological and ethical.

    The strengths of the range

    • Thanks to its special formula, which gives off very few VOC, its combination of plants recognised for their beneficial effects and its manufacture exclusively from natural products.
    • Plant Incense is 100% ecological, 100% natural and 100% transparent for the incense customer.
    • It's the ideal incense for people in delicate health or for those who don't like smoke in general and who might otherwise be inclined not to use incense.
    • A blend of aromatic ingredients chosen for their beneficial effects and which make up more than 50% of the stick’s weight.

    STICKLESS INCENSE means this style of incense contains no central bamboo stick. It is made from 100% natural plant solids, which are crushed into a paste which is rolled out into a flat sheet, left to dry, and then sliced into thin strips, or "sticks".

    Made in Japan
    30 sticks
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100% plant-based formula giving off very little smoke ( 9 varieties )
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