Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash - Award Winner!




This moment is epic: Exactly on my birthday, the indie beauty expo announced the winner of best in show 2017, in the category Facial Mask – max and me "mask&wash".

My personal hero product, my holy grail, which I use every other day, twice a day, now got this sweet accolade: Best Mask 2017.

Our hearts are bursting with love, with total gratitude and inspiration. This delightful gift of the jury's love for our mask fills us with deep, abundant joy. Thank you for cherishing, honoring and adoring what we do, for feeling it. It means the world to us.

You will absolutely fall in love with it, too.

Your skin will just drink in the glow-getting goodness, the intense hydration, the deep calm, the delicious nutrition, the super-antioxidants.

"sweet serenity" mask&wash is oh so ready to take you to your happiest skin ever. Addressing dryness, dullness, maturing skin, highly sensitive, reactive types, inflammation, hyperpigmentation & sunspots as well as troubled conditions such as acne, rosacea and couperose.

"mask&wash", a true master healer, instantly imparts sweet serenity, glowing luminosity and soothing nourishment even to the most troubled and delicate skin while feeding deep hydration back into the skin.

"sweet serenity" mask&wash. What a marriage!

Such ingredients! So full of love, light, high vibes and healing powers.

We have been searching in earth's garden for almost one and a half years until we were fully satisfied with what we had found. We cherry-picked only nature's finest, most potent gems that boast a high and very rare vibrancy and then let them dance together.

This is a ceremony.

mask&wash has the power to centre you, to make you come home to yourself, to lift you up, to let your light shine bright, to bring out the goddess in you.

1. First mix it with water

Take a deep breath and give your full attention to this very moment. Start the ritual by slowly mixing a cherry sized piece of mask&wash with shy a teaspoon of water, We invite you to play with "mask&wash" and to find the exact ratio of mask and water, that delights you the most. Sometimes after having applied it, I still wet my hands again and let them glide over my face until I am totally satisfied with the result. This is feeding my radiance almost every morning and evening.

2. Then apply it to dry skin

Either leave this deliciousness on as a mask for a minimum of 30minutes or wash it right off when using it as a wash for skin that needs major healing, deep hydration or just a bright glow.

3. After enjoying "mask&wash" to the fullest, take it off with our fine, tender cloth:

Simply moist the face cloth with warm water, then let it dance on your skin, gently sweeping off "mask&wash". Rinse and repeat until skin is beautifully cleansed.

These are moments of bliss. And they are entirely yours.

So much love, Tanja.

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