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Science & nature

Bottega Organica combines proven anti-ageing research and 100% natural, organic ingredients to create revolutionary skincare products.

Driven by the belief that breakthrough science and organic skincare can go hand in hand, Bottega Organica meticulously craft every formula to nurture the skin and prolong youthfulness without preservatives, artificial fragrances, emulsifiers,colours or synthetics of any kind.


Bottega Organica's all-natural skincare concept was born in 2013, and built upon a foundation of biological scientific discovery.

Dr. Andrea Alimonti, one of the founders and a world-renowned geneticist, was researching for a new cure for cancer. After screening thousands of different combinations, he was able to identify natural substances with the potential to slow the ageing of human cells. And it is these discoveries that evolved into Bottega Organica's natural skincare line.

From farm to face

Every component of each product formulation is well-researched and meticulously crafted. All ingredients are harvested and processed naturally from Bottega Organica's own farms in Italy and upstate NY – straight from farm to bottle. You won’t find any preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, colours or synthetics of any kind.

Commitment to 100% natural

Bottega Organica use extra-virgin olive oil from their Ligurian farm as the base for most of the products because it is the single most effective natural carrier for their anti-ageing plant extracts. Their olive oil is pure and natural and contains powerful youth-preserving ingredients such as alpha-tocopherol, polyphenols and oleocanthal. The best olive oil is obtained only through same day cold-pressing of handpicked organically-grown olives, otherwise many of its benefits are lost. Bottega Organica proudly watch over their whole production process ensuring proper handling at every step of the way.


Clean. Pure. 100% natural

While many skincare companies offer natural products, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of skincare products are loaded with synthetic compounds. Day after day, synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers and fragrances penetrate the skin, reach the bloodstream and spread throughout the body with potentially harmful effects. This is why Bottega Organica rely on the simplicity and safety of pure olive oil, organic vegan serum and spring water extraction.

Purest ingredients from their own farms in Liguria and upstate New York

Bottega Organica farm several acres of pristine, uncontaminated land in the coastal regions of Liguria, Italy, and upstate NY where rare herbs and fruits with anti-ageing properties grow wild and are cultivated without pesticides and chemical fertilisers, following a family tradition of many generations.

The Ligurian farm is situated in the hills that surround the medieval town of Pieve di Teco. Bottega Organica grow medicinal herbs and olive trees and then instil their rejuvenating powers into 100% pure formulas. There, olives are handpicked and cold-pressed on the same day to create the luxurious golden base, enriched with Prawn Sage for all their skin care oils, balms and soaps. For their signature floral mists and pure essential oils, they use steam extraction from plants rich in anti-ageing molecules.

Located in the pristine Spencertown Hills of Columbia County, New York, Bottega Organica also runs Angelhill Farm, an 80-acre farm naturally rich in vital anti-ageing plants, including wild carrots, sage, coneflower, and yarrow. Mary Ahern, the operating partner heading Bottega Organica's product formulation in New York, is fully dedicated to the purity of all ingredients and uses only natural methods to extract unique botanical actives from each plant. All plants are wildcrafted or organically grown and then processed in accordance with 100% natural and traditional methods directly onsite, in the farm’s apothecary.

Bottega Organica's commitment to nature

• No synthetic ingredients ever: no preservatives, fragrances, dyes or petroleum derivatives of any kind
• All skincare oils, serums, soaps and mists are 100% vegan
• Thoroughly tested under strict safety parameters with no animal testing
• Only certified organic ingredients, or ingredients produced in their own farms in Liguria and upstate NY from wild plants or plants cultivated without pesticides or synthetic fertilisers
• All paper packaging is recycled, plant-derived and printed with vegetable ink

Scientific research + natural approach

Dr. Alimonti's story sparked the concept for a revolutionary line of skincare products for people who want to prolong skin youth, but want to use only pure, 100% natural ingredients – Bottega Organica.

Dr. Alimonti's breakthrough in the fight against ageing skin

While studying the ageing process as a means for cancer-fighting therapies, molecular geneticist Dr. Andrea Alimonti discovered a scientific screening method to identify plant extracts that prolong the lifespan of human cells by inhibiting cellular senescence. In other words, he found the key to natural substances that slow the ageing process.

After many years and thousands of screening procedures, Dr. Alimonti showed how selected plant extracts, known as Natural Inhibitors of Senescence (NIS), can rejuvenate human cells. When the skin ages, its cells stain blue: more blue color means aging cells. After exposure to NIS, there are many more young cells, as proven by significantly less blue staining - Patent n. EP14153316.6

A minimum of 10% of all profits from Bottega Organica sales will be donated to organisations involved in cancer cure and prevention.

Natural Inhibitors of Senescence: the secret to Bottega Organica

Under Dr. Alimonti's guidance, Bottega Organica blends selected plant extracts – Natural Inhibitors of Senescence – with 100% organic extra-virgin olive oil, pure spring water, and organic oil-free serum.

The result? Powerful rejuvenating formulas that are pure, all-natural and scientifically proven to prolong the lifespan of human cells.

Clinically proven to improve the youthful appearance of skin

Bottega Organica products were clinically tested by a team of independent investigators under the direction of Massimiliano Ferri MD, a specialist in cosmetic surgery at the University Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy, with overwhelmingly positive results: the clinical trial results showed objective and subjective improvement in wrinkle burden, skin glow, skin texture and elasticity in more than 90% of tested patients.

Chief Scientist: Andrea Alimonti MD
Scientific Advisory Board*: Marco Pappagallo MD, Marco Gentilucci MD, Giovanni Giordano MD, Sady Ribeiro MD, Dana Tarcatu MD, Paolo Manfredi MD

*Members of our Scientific Advisory Board have trained and worked as clinicians and researchers in the most prestigious US medical schools including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Cornell University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and The University of Texas.

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