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The World of Cocovit

I was taught the importance of taking care of my skin and hair at an early age by my mother, but unfortunately as I got older, dedicating the time to do so became extremely difficult.  Being a working woman constantly on the go, I found myself struggling to nurture my skin and hair the way I knew I should.  In my quest to simplify my daily beauty regimen, I started searching for an all-in-one product that was natural and free of harsh chemicals. When I couldn't find anything in the market that met my needs, I traced my family’s traditional remedies to discover the bountiful benefits of pure coconut oil. The tradition of using coconut oil, which originated in India, is said to be around for over 5,000 years and has been treasured by my mother, her mother, and generations before.

Most of the coconut oils on the market unfortunately utilise extraction processes, which eliminate the majority of the nutrients and enzymes, and/or are processed with heat, solvents, bleaches or perfumes. After extensive research we developed a proprietary, heat-less process which produces a 100% pure, raw, organic coconut oil. 100% of the beneficial nutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants, healing and restorative properties stay intact, making this the purest and most potent oil available. I initially intended to share the goodness of this raw coconut oil with just close family and friends, but soon realised it was too good of a thing not to share with the world.

Our Process

Cocovit products utilise use 100% certified organic, raw coconut oil harvested from South India. The oil is extracted from hand-picked, high-quality, fresh organic coconuts. The Cocovit coconut farm provides employment to 30+ locals in South India.

Cocovit products do not use the commonly known coconut oil which is unrefined & cold-pressed. Our unique process extracts the oil with proprietary tool and technique, which uses no heat, solvents, bleaches or deodorisers - all of which prevent contamination, alteration and deterioration of the oil. Our process also allows the oil to remain raw and retain its freshness, essential nutrients and enzymes during the process and in the final product. When heat is used in the extraction process, a high percentage of nutrients and enzymes are eliminated. Our exclusive extraction method is essential for quality of the coconut oil and ensures the retention of the oil's restorative properties. Our process allows us to keep a higher concentration of lauric acid in the oil, which is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, making this a product like no other for both hair and skin. Coconuts are the only plant-based source of lauric acid - it's also found in human breast milk.

Our first product, Cocovit Coconut Oil is 100% pure and versatile, suitable for all ages, skin & hair types. In addition to deeply nourishing, repairing and strengthening your skin and hair, Cocovit Coconut Oil has countless other uses and benefits.

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