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Clean beauty supplements
for skin, hair & nails

Nutraceuticals are now an essential part of any effective anti-ageing skincare routine and Correxiko provides an intelligent and easier approach to beauty from the inside.

Correxiko's CLOSE UP range is the most advanced Beauty Supplement formulas in the market today, targeting skin beauty, healthy hair and strong nails from the inside. Headlining the range is CLOSE UP Skin Supplement with 60 active ingredients (and no additives), offering all the latest clinically proven ingredients individually formulated into a 5-capsule system in one daily sachet.


• Skin Supplement - for women
• Collagen Booster - for men & women
• Skin Lightening Supplement - for men & women
• Nail Supplement - for women
• Hair Supplement - for women
• Hair Supplement - for men

Who needs Correxiko?

Honestly, the best way to feel great about your face, body and hair is to get rid of the processed foods, start cooking everything from scratch, eating all natural whole foods, and working out.

But sometimes we just don’t have the time, the energy or the inclination to get exactly the right recommended daily allowance into our systems daily – can you guarantee those vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols, green foods, proteins are all getting into your body?

Some of you can. But for those that can’t, CORREXIKO gives those things to you CLEAN, without the toxins, without the additives, and with the convenient doses.

There's no one single ‘miracle ingredient’ found in the tropical jungles of Andalistitutia

There is no one ingredient we ‘swear by’ and there is no one whole food that will cure every body. We always say you can’t become something in one day, it takes years of great habits. Also, you can’t fix something with one thing, it takes a lot of different ingredients and activities to achieve success. It’s simple logic and it’s worth the effort.

The people behind the brand

Really, this concept began when we first met, a long time ago, as friends. The Medical Doctor and the bona fide Creative-Thinker-and-Analyser-of-Life – a meeting of strangely similar minds.

We’d ask each other, openly, what stuff are you taking that’s actually making a difference? To how you feel? Or how you look? At the gym? At work? On your face? Over the years, we’ve trialled product after product asking why on earth does anybody buy this because ‘it just doesn’t work’.

We wanted to create ‘the other option’. We wanted to create products that, once you trialled them, required no more marketing. That you just automatically returned to again and again because the stuff inside was actually good stuff.

Plus, why was everything so serious, bland, uninspiring…. all the time? Why couldn’t products be sweet and effective, honest and gorgeous. We really did want to have it all. So we set about creating our dream brand. One of us still sleeps with the products on his bedside table because he loves looking at the designs (design freak!)

We admit it’s a pretty simple idea, in this complex world, but we’re ok with simple ideas.

What's in. What's out

If you create a product for someone, that product better do what it says it will do. That requires the right doses and none of the spiel about ‘active’ ingredients. If it’s not active and it isn’t a clean preservative, then it should not be in the product as a cheap filler. We feel strongly about that.

We won’t put in the toxins, the binding agents (required for all tablet manufacture), the cheap fillers (that mean less of the expensive stuff has to go in) nor the toxic additives and preservatives into your CORREXIKO product. Ever.

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