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Active Minerals for Balance and Beauty

Inspired by the purest mineral elements abundant in Mother Earth (clay, rock, crystals, metal, minerals, water, and precious stones), Brazilian brand Elemento Mineral is a premium range of natural and organic luxury clay beauty masks from the world's purest, superfine Brazilian clays blended with crushed precious stones powders.

100% Pure Natural Clay Powders

Elemento Mineral is built on a foundation of 9 coloured clays. All the coloured clays are extracted from organic sources and their beautiful tones are 100% natural. In other words, there are no artificial colourants or added pigments, just variations of minerals and trace elements that nature offers us. So pure in fact, our clays are Ecocert Certified Natural and Organic.

Gamma-Radiation Free

Our clay is decontaminated without using gamma rays, the purification method traditionally used and a process that alters the structure of clays. The decontamination technique used by Elemento Mineral is a patented process, accepted globally, that uses dry heat and ozone gas (originating from oxygen) to remove impurities while preserving all the intrinsic cosmetic benefits of the Active Organic Minerals. And doesn’t generate any poisonous waste or pollutants.

Our clays are:
• Free of bio-toxins
• Free of radioactivity
• Free of pesticide residues

Provenance and Sustainability

We chose Clay as our base facial mask ingredient because:

• It’s a natural ingredient with unrivalled health and beauty benefits
• We located an organic mine with sound ecological extraction practices approved by France’s world-renowned Ecocert, Brazil’s IBAMA and State and Municipal environmental departments
• Clay complies with our own strict criteria for environmental preservation, social responsibility and ecological sustainability

No Harmful Ingredients

All ingredients in Elemento Mineral clays are 100% natural minerals with no artificial colours, additives, or preservatives. Our products are all free of harmful additives and contain no parabens, petroleum by-products, chemical fragrances, or silicates.

Use with Confidence

Elemento Mineral products have passed stringent clinical tests and are safe for use on allergenic skin types and sensitive skins.

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