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Honest and heartfelt, liberated and fearless. From every corner of the earth, all ages and cultures. Girl Undiscovered is an empowering commitment to living 100% WILD™ and true to your nature. Girl Undiscovered is for the girl in us all.

Everyone, regardless of ethnicity, demographic, age and physicality can share this journey. This is you - natural, lipsticked, messy-haired, glamorous, wide awake, curious. This is Girl Undiscovered – for the girl who wants to make the world a little more interesting, a little more beautiful and a lot more thoughtful.


Don’t get us wrong – we love organics! Whenever possible we strive for organic-approved certification. What we won’t do is compromise our commitment to pure and natural ingredients just so we can tick the boxes on corporate paperwork. We are 100% WILD™.

We stay completely true to our ethos, working ethically and sustainably with the village farmers and their families. Connecting with small, grassroots economies and contributing to the communities who work alongside us, our ingredients are not plantation-farmed like many organic products, they are foraged wild in their natural state with absolutely no chemical pesticides or herbicides. Our sources are 100% traceable because we keep our systems intimate and personal.


Exploring far-flung locations is second nature to our team. After all, we hail from one of the most remote and exotic places on the planet. Tucked away in isolation on an island at the bottom of the world, we’re fortunate to be able to access the most potent and powerful organics from our own uniquely biodiverse environment. Our single-source wild Kawau Island kanuka honey is a brief, windswept boat ride away from Girl Undiscovered HQ.


We are 100% WILD™. Our brand reflects our commitment beyond organic. All our products are ethically and sustainably grown, free from plantations and pesticides.

Girl Undiscovered harnesses the potent power of botanicals hunted and gathered from around the world. Burmese thanaka, a superfood for the skin, leaves your complexion radiant and renewed, Balinese pure virgin coconut oil is harvested from the wilds and cold-pressed to retain the intensive levels of Vitamin E, and our wild island kanuka honey soothes and hydrates with antioxidants to restore and heal your skin.

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