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By choosing MADARA you are choosing safe, certified and effective natural and organic cosmetics that take care of both your beauty and health.

MADARA cosmetics are safe, natural and certified

MADARA are entirely natural and ecological cosmetics certified in accordance with the international ECOCERT standard. This is a volunteer standard that certifies cosmetic products confirming their natural origin. ECOCERT prohibits the use of synthetic perfumes, synthetic preservatives like parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol and other synthetic ingredients.

MADARA cosmetics are effective

MADARA cosmetics contain organically certified natural extracts from plants growing in the Baltic region and possessing the unique intensity of active substances. Together with other natural substances extracts from Baltic plants help us create highly effective natural cosmetics. The effectiveness of MADARA cosmetics has been dermatologically tested.

MADARA cosmetics care about your health

Unlike natural cosmetics, synthetic cosmetics use artificial substances that are “unfamiliar” to the body and have an adverse effect on it. Therefore, using synthetic cosmetics on a daily basis damages the immune system; harmful substances accumulate in the body threatening both your health and that of your descendants. However, natural substances used to produce MADARA cosmetics have the ability to harmonise the body and effectively help the cells. As your body is part of nature it “recognises” the natural ingredients in MADARA cosmetics and takes the best and most necessary elements from them. Thus MADARA cosmetics are not only effective, but also gentle and healthy.

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