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The Brand

artisanal. epicurean.
euphoric concoctions for the beauty gourmand.

Formulated for results and unparalleled pleasure.
Radical. Earth positive. Sublime luxury direct from the source.
May Lindstrom Skin inspires you to take your self-care routine to a new zenith of delight and indulgence. As a catalyst for decadent skin-care rituals, we invite you to create the time and space for the personal connection you deserve.

get into your skin.

The Philosophy

skin is delicious. it is sensual, delicate, and erotic.
skin is intimate. it envelops, seduces and protects.

In an age where “Luxury” skincare is mass produced in factories and sold in the cold aisles of supermarkets and department stores, where advertisers invent pseudo-science words to appeal to your most insecure self, where self-care makes us feel self-ish... I promise you something different.
This isn’t about cleaning up dirt or softening rough spots. This is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. This is a celebration of our individual beauty.

vibrant. glowing. healthy. alive. at ease.

How you treat your skin is how you treat yourself and how you move forward each day within the world. Indulge in something special. Indulge in YOU. Replenish the lack. Heal the damage. Feed with bounty. Seduce your senses with the brilliance of Earth’s gifts.

Products made with love by hand for you.


The Founder

this is my skin, bare.

These are my delectable treats, made for me, by me and shared with you.
This is my journey exposed, my dreams launched, my passion spilling from my hands to the bottle you take home.
I am on a quest to inspire loving self care rituals, reveal radiant skin and ignite recognition of our individual beauty.

who I am

Explorer, fascinated by the anthropology of beauty and whole-self wellness.
Skin chef, passionate about creating unique and indulgent recipes for exquisite skin.
Conscious epicurean, enthralled with tactile experiences that resonate with pure good.

what I do

Innovate and create gorgeously effective potions designed to reveal and illuminate the sensuous nature of healthy, glowing skin while celebrating a return to the vital and conscious daily ritual.

my personal promise

I will speak to you from my voice, always with truth and integrity. I desire an honest and interactive dialog with you. There is no third person writer here, no team of suits directing my vision or censoring my passion. There is no lab, no crew of white coated scientists, no massive factory lines or cold generics. It is simply me, doing what I do and loving it. I am a work in progress. I am ever-learning and ever-changing; striving always towards personal growth and greater human to human and self to skin connection.

my greater wish

To maintain an active dialog with society, enabling me to hear clearly the voice of the public and respond effectively in my own small and relevant way to it’s needs, wants and desires.

As a member of the Global Community, I believe enhancing humankind’s quality of life depends directly on responsible care for the environment. I give priority to this critical task in the development of my goods and services as well as in day to day life activities. Honour the earth while you honour yourself.

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