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Founded in Belgium in 1968 by Jean and Micheline Rennette, Olivia Garden has a long history of designing and promoting innovative, high quality products engineered to fulfil hairdressers' professional needs. Today, Olivia Garden is a leader in the salon industry and its products are sold in over 70 countries around the world. We're proud to introduce Olivia Garden's eco-friendly range of Healthy Hair bamboo and ceramic brushes to Australia.

A glimpse of Olivia Garden’s history and achievements

1968: OLIVIA GARDEN is started in manufacturing and distributing custom-made wigs with its own sales force to Belgian hairdressers.

1973: OLIVIA GARDEN successfully introduces the CLAIROL professional products in Belgium.

1978: OLIVIA GARDEN launches its own professional liquid product line based on ecological and non-aerosol concepts.

1979: OLIVIA GARDEN gets involved with the development and the worldwide distribution of several REVOLUTIONARY professional tools and sundries products such as the MILCOUP, the SILENT HP blow-dryer, the VARIOCURLER (a patented perm curler line without rubber band), ...

1980: OLIVIA GARDEN begins to export its products to most of the European countries, USA, CANADA and JAPAN.

1985: OLIVIA GARDEN expands its operations in the USA by opening a division in California.

1988: OLIVIA GARDEN introduces in EUROPE, as Master distributor, several major USA product lines.

1989: The OLIVIA GARDEN Belgian sales force launches the IMAGE professional product line in Belgium and Luxembourg.

1993: Launch of the CLIP'N CURL SPIRAL and CLIP'N CURL JUMBO curlers.

1994: Worldwide launch of JET SET, the unique self-gripping curler.

1995: OLIVIA GARDEN gets the sole distribution rights in Belgium for the KADUS professional products.

1997: Worldwide launch of NITECURL, a special self-gripping curler for sleeping.

1998: EUROPEAN launch of the OLIVIA GARDEN professional brush line featuring 20 different sizes and models.

1999: USA and Worldwide launch of the professional brush line with its innovative OLIVIA GARDEN merchandising program.

2001: Launch in the USA of the Spheric Design color line and of the Zodiac cape from Italy. Worlwide launch of the new paddle brushline Velours XL. Worldwide launch of Thermal FX, the first step of the new OGI PROFESSIONAL brush collection. OLIVIA GARDEN EUROPE moves to its new facilities at Parc Industriel des Hauts Sarts in Liege, Belgium.

2002: Launch in USA and EUROPE the Ceramic + Ion Thermal brushes. This marks the beginning of a complete line of brushes all with 3 key features: Ceramic coating, Tourmaline Ion Technology and a Lifetime warranty. This line grew to over 30 different brush models.

2004: In USA, Olivia Garden debuts its salon apparel collections with the Reflexions and Elegance capes. Olivia Garden takes a new approach to capes viewing it as fashion rather than just salon wear.

2005: Olivia Garden purchases a state-of-the-art facility in Pittsburg, California for its USA headquarters.

2006: Worldwide introduction of the first eco-friendly bamboo brushes called Healthy Hair.

2007: Launches SilkCut Shear Collection, a shear that never needs to be sharpened.

2010: Creation and launch of the beautiful NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion brush collection, the most advanced professional brush, featuring: Nano Silver, Ceramic and Ionic technologies.

2011: Olivia Garden invents the ThermoActive brush, the first completely vented round boar and ionic brush line.

OLIVIA GARDEN products are sold to beauty salons worldwide by a network of exclusive distributors.

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