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All natural exfoliating
body scrubs

Scrubalicious Body Scrubs are 100% natural exfoliating body scrubs handmade in Australia without preservatives, synthetic additives, toxic ingredients, artificial fragrances or micro-beads.

Using only raw and natural premium ingredients, the scrubs are grounded in the principles that a natural skincare product is good for everyone – good for your skin and good to the environment.

Regular exfoliation is recommended for maintaining healthy, glowing skin. It helps prevent blocked pores, improves circulation, and smooths rough elbows, knees and heels. And Scrubalicious Scrubs provide an additional boost of moisture from the awesome trio of oils used.

In winter, use at home to give your skin some some love and relief from the cold. In summer, keep your skin moisturised from exposure to the sun, sand and chlorine. Plus using a body scrub is a great way to prime your skin for a spray tan.

Use your favourite Scrubalicious Body Scrub a couple of times a week and seriously, feel the difference. Use in the shower on wet skin, with gentle circular motions working the scrub all over your body. After towel drying, marvel at how wonderful your skin feels.

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