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Organic Chic. Beautifully eco-friendly make up line.

Studio 78 Paris is first and foremost a beautiful brand, and then we are pleased to discover it's certified organic. It's a make up brand that's gentle and pure enough for sensitive skins, without compromising on style and glamour. 

Bio Chic, Beau Green! 

Product names are completely atypical, and very evocative… We Love Each Other for lips, and We Flirt Around for mascara, and the range merges modern, pure colour and pigments with innovative textures. All that French je ne sais quoi and it's certified High Tolerance Natural and Organic by Ecocert.

YES to Health, YES to Beauty… NO to Chemicals!

With Studio 78 Paris, we Revitalize, we Evade, we Breathe, we Go Green… And we Go Chic.

Studio 78 Paris

What a dilemma for you… to choose between your health and your beauty. But what if we proposed to you that you didn't have to choose anymore?

Studio 78 Paris eases your conscience by proposing a new solution for women who are in need of a ‘green’ makeover, by creating an organic make up line high tolerance certified by Ecocert. Our laboratory has selected natural pigments from vegetal and mineral sources, in order to offer a natural and ecological make up range, protecting your sensitised skin and respecting the environment.

YES to Health, YES to Beauty…NO to Chemicals!

ECOCERT certification

• A minimum of 95% of ingredients are natural. 
• A minimum of 95% of vegetal ingredients are from organic farming. 
• Absence of GMO, parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes
• No animal-derivative ingredients.
• 100% of the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

Behind the brand

Studio 78 Paris creator Margaret Halfon tells us more… 

“Studio 78 Paris was not a marketing approach, it is a brand that has been made with our heart. 

“After working for 5 years in the cosmetics market and specifically as Product Manager at Guerlain, and Deborah, and Rouge Baiser, I decided to start my own brand of make up. 

“I was naturally going into organic, being myself more and more allergic to traditional cosmetics products. There was no alternative in make up care, with cool colours, which are fun, practical, and make us dream. 

“Studio 78 Paris is first, a beautiful brand and then, the consumer is pleased to see that it is organic. The brand was deliberately designed to create a beautiful make up brand, which takes up the glamour of the polysensoriality codes (texture, pack, colour, scent) of traditional brands. But key to the brand: it’s the organic formulation.

“Our signature is bearing our message: a make up brand ‘Bio Chic, Beau Green!’

“The difference is also in the names of products which are completely atypical and very evocative. We take the air, We flew … for the eyes. We cocoon, We escaped… We love each other … for lips.

Brand Values

To make us beautiful without harming in respect of nature and the environment.
Reassure consumers by offering a range that is 100% certified organic.
Offer a real range of makeup, with true colours / pigments and innovative textures.

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