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YUNI – Mindful Beauty for an Active Life

For decades, YUNI founders, Emmanuel Rey and Suzanne Dawson, blazed trails at epic global beauty and natural cosmetic brands. Their personal passion for Yoga culminated in their Ashtanga Yoga teacher certification and led them to create a mindful green beauty brand of their own, inspired by Athleisure and addressing the unique needs of active health seekers. That brand is YUNI.

The YUNI collection includes natural, sensorial, versatile and eco-conscious beauty products made especially for Active modern lifestyles. YUNI’s high-performing products prepare the body and mind, deliver treatment benefits while you workout, aid express clean-up and post recovery, and help to recall the powerful benefits of your practice, at will.

YUNI’s mission is to cultivate healthy goodness by bringing pleasure to the fitness journey and by bringing mindfulness to the ritual of beauty.

Meet founders Emmanuel and Suzanne


The concept

Created by Yogis, for Yogis and with Yogis, YUNI products address 3 key needs:

• Time-saving. We call this Modern Convenience
• Prolonging and enhancing the effects of Yoga practice. We call this Everyday Pleasures
• Recalling the sensations of the Yoga Moment at will. We call this Anchoring Moments


Versatile, multi-tasking products that save time, and enable Yogis to potentially practice more often. This includes products which deliver treatment benefits while you work out or practice Yoga, and may be a deciding factor in whether you decide to work out or practice at all if there isn’t time for a shower or there are no shower facilities available after your session.

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Enhance the Yoga practice by preparing mind and body before and after. Products in this category help you recover faster from strenuous exertion, and make even the simplest beauty step so much more delightful.

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Our most powerful memories begin in the nose… it’s true, our olfactory response anchors deeply felt responses in the brain. The products in this category anchor the Yoga Moment with the power of scent. They are identifiable with just one breath because they all contain the same therapeutic blend of pure essential oils, uplifting & grounding at the same time. This unique aroma anchors the benefits of Savasana in your mind. By training the brain to associate a balanced physical yoga state with olfactory triggers, we can recall it anytime, just by  breathing in this aroma.

SHOP: Body Balance Aroma Concentrate, Aromatic Body Mist, Active Calm Face Serum, Active Calm Face Moisturizer, all Anchoring Moments collection


The goodness

“ We want to leave a big impression on the world with our products and the message that is deeply imprinted in every drop. At the same time, we want to step lightly on our planet and do good in the process.

We select ingredients known not only for their unique properties, but also for their ethical provenance. We choose ingredients with an eye toward the organic, sustainable and fair trade.

And, we’ve also clearly defined a lab-full of potential irritants and toxins which we choose not to use in our formulations.

Here’s what we want to leave you with: more of the glow and goodness of Yoga. We don’t need a lot of paper, plastic, ink or other packaging to do it. So we’ve kept the wrappings minimal, but modern and beautiful. Our formulas are concentrated, so our containers are smaller. In our case, bigger is not better, and less is truly more.

We go out of our way to work with fair-trade growers who use eco-friendly cultivation and harvesting methods which are easy on the planet, and which support sustainable local businesses. Even though these techniques often result in smaller-batch yields and higher costs for us as a supplier, we feel that the quality and the karma justify it.

Every Yogi knows that our practice begins with a greeting to the Sun. So, it’s only right that our products are manufactured in a solar-powered plant.

We’re not perfect, but we know that each moment is a perfect opportunity to experience, know and be(come) more fully good.”

Enjoy with us!
Emmanuel & Suzanne
Founders, Yogis, Seekers Of Good 

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