French Ash wood with Tampico fibre bristles
French Ash wood with Tampico fibre bristles

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Body Brush

Josh Rosebrook

  • Dry brush before showering or bathing. Start at the feet and brush in upwards motions on the legs toward the groin. Brush in an upward motion on the arms, and on the body toward the navel and then up the chest and to the collarbone. This upwards direction pushes lymph fluids through the vessels and into nodes, where they return to the circulatory system, via the veins under the left collarbone.

    We recommend using a neutral soap and water to clean your body brush.
  • French Ash, Tampico (Agave) fibre
  • Josh Rosebrook dry body brushes have been hand-crafted in Europe from 100% FSC certified Ash Wood from France and Tampico fibre bristles (from the Agave plant). Tampico fibres, unlike synthetic bristles, will not irritate the skin and are cruelty-free.

    Brushing and massage are important for relieving tension and relaxation as well as cleansing the lymphatic system. Therefore, a regular practice of skin stimulation may help keep the skin from becoming thinner and duller with age, while helping to remove toxins and impurities from within.

    Made in USA

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