CLOSE-UP HAIR SUPPLEMENT - MALE <br> 27 active ingredients promote hair growth, volume, strength and shine, and combat hair loss, 4 weeks' supply

27 active ingredients promote hair growth, volume, strength and shine, and combat hair loss, 4 weeks' supply

  • For Oral Use
    • Can be taken morning or night, on an empty stomach or after a meal
    • Take 2 capsules daily
    • Must be taken daily for effective results – 4-6 months is recommended
    • Once desired effect is achieved, switch to maintenance dose – 2 capsules every 3 days or 1 daily
    • Can be taken with other CORREXIKO products

    56 Capsules, 4 week's supply
  • CLOSE UP Hair Supplement capsules contains only the ingredients listed below. Each ingredient is active – there are no binding agents, bulking agents, additives or preservatives.
    Serving size: 2 capsules

    CLOSE UP Hair – 1001mg
    Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract
    Equisetum Arvense Extract
    Ganoderma Lucidum
    Curcuma longa Root
    Serenoa Repens Extract
    Choline Bitartrate
    Piper Nigrum Extract
    Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) – 80mg – 100% RDA
    Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) – 25mg – 1785% RDA
    Iron (Gluconate) – 14mg – 100% RDA
    Zinc (Citrate) – 10mg – 100% RDA
    Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – 1.3mg – 100% RDA
    Copper (Citrate) – 1mg – 100% RDA
    Selenium (Methionine) – 55µg – 100% RDA
    Vitamin D3 – 15µg – 300% RDA

    Capsule Shell: Vegan certified HMPC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)

    • This product is free from: Bovine & Porcine Collagen, Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, GMO, Soy, Sugars & Sweeteners
    • It is formulated without the use of preservatives, sugars, synthetic sweeteners, artificial flavours or colours.
    • This product is a food supplement. Food Supplements should not be used instead of a varied diet. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your health practitioner before taking this product.
  • For all skin types

    27 active ingredients for hair regrowth, nourishing, strength, shine

    Specifically formulated for men, CLOSE UP Hair Supplement - Male promotes hair growth, volume, strength and shine, and combats hair loss effectively using a high-strength combination of micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

    These capsules deliver their benefits directly to the scalp and follicles to improve and maintain a normal hair growth cycle while alleviating common hair health concerns

    Hair Supplement - Male combats

    • Thinning hair
    • Weak hair
    • Greying hair
    • Slow growing hair
    • Hair loss from a lack of nutrition
    • Dull hair

    The hair follicle contains several forms of stem cells, which supply cells for the new growth of the hair strand. The hair matrix is one of the fastest growing cell populations in the human body, which is why dieting, stress, illness, unhealthy eating and unhealthy lifestyles can directly lead to hair loss and weak, lacklustre hair strands.

    CLOSE UP Hair Supplement nourishes the hair follicle and scalp more effectively from the inside. Its revolutionary 27-active-ingredient-formula supplies specific amino acids, essential minerals, vitamins, and phyto-nutrients which continuously target the active growth phase of the follicle. Here cells at the root of the hair are dividing rapidly, constantly adding to the hair shaft and creating new regrowth.

    CLOSE-UP Hair supplement uses specialist clinical-grade ingredients to keep your hair in its best shape ever – thicker, shinier and longer.

    The Results

    Month 1-2 Reduction in hair loss
    Month 2-3 Improvement in hair strength and look
    Month 3-4 Regrowth of dormant hair
    Month 4-6 Glossy, nourished hair established

    For optimal results take for a minimum of 6 months, although benefits will start to be visible by Month 3 or 4. The benefits of CLOSE UP Hair Supplement accumulate with long term use.

    • CORREXIKO produces clean supplements with clear ingredient lists, openly displayed. There are absolutely no added additives.
    • Capsule shells – vegetarian certified

    • Formulated without preservatives, synthetic sweeteners, artificial flavours or colours

    Made in UK
    56 capsules (4 weeks supply)
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