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  • LES ENCENS DU MONDE are certified 100% Natural incense collections produced by the major traditional incense cultures of the world – India, Tibet, and Japan. Les Encens Du Monde takes incense into a whole new realm – one of gourmet proportions!

    Les Encens Du Monde incense is composed of purely plant extracts - as opposed to the "dipped stick" incense (scentless 'punk' sticks dipped in a blend of perfume and solvent) like 95% of the incense on the market.

    To you, the global ecology, our environment, and Planet Earth
    • We choose only the very best ingredients and manufacturing techniques.
    • Our recipes aim whenever possible for 100% natural ingredients, to allow our clients to fully appreciate their real taste.
    • Our incense is largely composed of plant extracts – we do not market dipped-stick incense (scentless “punk” sticks dipped in a blend of perfume and solvent, like 95% of the incense on the market).
    • We eliminate any substance liable to present a health risk. Our products are manufactured in accordance with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. IFRA is an international professional association founded in 1973 in Brussels to encourage the development of perfumes and scents, in complete security.
    • We pay particular attention to using recyclable packaging and to decreasing the weight of the packaging in relation to that of the product (Eco conception).
    • We have created a 100% natural logo, displayed on most of our products, which confirms the following guarantees:
       ~ No solvents, preservatives, or synthetic substances.
       ~ Manufactured in accordance with an eco-friendly approach.
    • We have also initiated a process of certification with the ICEA (an independent, European, monitoring organisation). Our aim is to gradually extend this certification to all our products concerned.

    To Perfume and Deodorise
    Aromambiance Incense for Your Home sampling set is an introductory pack containing 6 flavonoid incenses (natural extracts of green tea) to deodorise and perfume your home. An incense perfect for each room of your home! And a perfect way to sample each of the Aromambiance scents.
    CONTENTS: Assortment of 6 Aromambiance fragrances x 9 sticks (54 sticks) and a metal incense-holder.
    9 x Tuberose
    9 x Fig
    9 x Lavender
    9 x Rose
    9 x Mandarin
    9 x Pearl (a smokeless incense designed for small rooms).
    Pack of 54 sticks lasting 15 mins each


    Aromambiance Incense for Well-Being sampling set is an introductory pack containing 6 assorted Aromambiance incenses to sample all the beneficial effects of Aromachology
    CONTENTS: Assortment of 6 Aromabiance fragrances x 9 sticks (54 sticks) and a metal incense-holder.
    - Freshness : the rejuvenating power of the Aonori seaweed
    - Creativity : the inspirational and bewitching sensuality of Ylang
    - Balance : a perfectly balanced blend of sandalwood, cinnamon and cloves
    - Concentration : the balsamic and woody strength of cedar forests
    - Relaxation : the deep wave of sweet sandalwood from Mysore
    - Meditation : the precious and noble essence of Jinkoh.
    Pack of 54 sticks, each lasting 15 mins each
  • French Incense
    Packs of 54 sticks lasting 15 mins each + metal burner

    Assorted sets of 6 flavonoid incenses (natural extracts of green tea) to deodorise and perfume your home, or 6 assorted Aromambiance incenses to sample all the beneficial effects of Aromachology.

    Produced like fine wines, thanks to the French love of natural aromas and their savoir-faire in an authentic Art of Living, in the name of well-being and pleasure. By cultivating this passion, just as wine-makers produce their wine, they have succeeded in finding an authentic expression for French incense. Strongly determined by the particular tastes of the French public, these tastes have evolved considerably in the last 20 years or so.

    Naturally, traditional uses inspired directly by the East persist, eg. as an accompaniment to meditation or an olfactive journey. Using the incense of another country, like eating the cuisine or discovering the traditional arts, is a touch of exoticism that is always available and which does not harm the ozone layer.


    Fragrance from plants have a subtle and stimulating effect on our well-being and environment. The Aromambiance range is a Japanese incense that has been composed according to the principles of aromachology... based on the influence of plants and their fragrances on our well-being: citrus fruits and spicy fragrances for dynamism; flowers for creativity; woody scents for calm and poise; and sandalwood and jinkoh for relaxation… It's an exciting way to experience well-being with fragrances and to learn how to use them in your daily life.

    Incense to deodorise AND perfume your house

    The incense in the Aromambiance range contains flavonoids – natural green tea extracts – which have the ability to neutralise the molecules responsible for bad odours. In 5 minutes, thanks to the action of one stick, 75% of bad odour molecules disappear. Aromambiance incense acts in two ways – it neutralises bad odours and then perfumes the air… Purity and freshness guaranteed!


    Aromachology emerged in the 1980s as a science investigating the links between fragrances and the physical world. Many experiments have proven what we have known intuitively for millennia, namely that fragrances do have an important effect on our minds and bodies. Along with the popularity of Aromatherapy there is renewed interest in this subject. We are putting ourselves under ever-increasing levels of stress, technology is advancing at a rapid rate and environmental matters are becoming ever more important. The incense in the Aromambiance Well-Being range is firmly rooted in the science of Aromachology and comprises a complete set of fragrances designed to accompany all of our day-to-day activities.

    STICKLESS INCENSE means this style of incense contains no central bamboo stick. It is made from 100% natural plant solids, which are crushed into a paste which is rolled out into a flat sheet, left to dry, and then sliced into thin strips, or "sticks".

    Made in Japan

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