Add a few drops to water (or any drink) for a delicious rosewater beauty beverage that enhances skin's natural glow from the inside, 100ml
Add a few drops to water (or any drink) for a delicious rosewater beauty beverage that enhances skin's natural glow from the inside, 100ml

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  • How do I store my rose extract?
    Prior to opening please store in a cool location, once opened please store in the refrigerator.

    I’m pregnant and or planning to breastfeed, can I consume the rose extract?
    Consult your healthcare professional before using.

    Can my children consume the rose extract?
    Consult your healthcare professional.

    Do your products contain any animal products, are they tested on animals?
    CILK rose extract is vegan and NOT tested on animals. CILK products are also gluten and lactose free.
  • CILK rose extract can be used many different ways, from a simple, pure rosewater drink by adding to filtered water, to creating beauty beverages like rose cocktails/mocktails, sparkling rose water, and rose-infused culinary dishes and desserts.

    We recommend that you do not use the rose extract with tap water as this effects the pH levels of the rose extract.

    Serving suggestions

    The rose extract fragrance and flavour is strong so you only need to use a very small amount. We suggest 2.5ml (approx. 10 drops) for a standard glass size of sparkling rose water. Be guided by your senses for preference of strength.
  • 100% natural derived ingredients

    Rosa damascena (rose) extract*
    Hibiscus flower extract*
    Vanilla planifolia (vanilla) bean extract
    Natural food colour extract
    Potassium sorbate (0.04%)
    Sodium benzoate (0.04%)

    * Certified organic
  • Drink real beauty

    CILK brings together elements of edible beauty and elegance to formulate a unique rose extract for creating your own beauty beverages. With just a few drops or a light pour, begin creating beauty within. Our favourite is sparkling rose water – delicately refreshing, luxurious yet subtle and uncomplicated, the way real beauty should be!

    Crafted in small batches from hand-selected certified organic roses, enriched with light floral notes of cold pressed hibiscus and a creamy hint of pure vanilla, this divine beauty concentrate is made to enhance your skin’s natural glow from within.

    Rose water (rosa damascena) contains an impressive collection of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals including vitamins, glycosides, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. These therapeutic properties aid detoxification, digestion-stimulation and cleansing, acne-prevention, anti-ageing, dermal regeneration activity and an overall balancing and harmonising of the skin and mind.

    Fragrant floral notes and opulence, all within the one bottle, for you to indulge in a seemingly endless botanical sensory experience of refined liquid roses, decadent vanilla and elegant soft hues of hibiscus.

    Yields 50 standard drinks.

    Made in Australia

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