Start Up Pack, 120g
Start Up Pack, 120g

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  • Directions 1 – 3 (4gm per spoon)spoons per day.
    Simply mix with water or your favourite drink, hot or cold, or sprinkle over your favourite breakfast cereal.

    Recommended Dosage

    Level 1 – Maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails - 1 spoon per day
    Level 2 – Mild wrinkles, weak nails and fine, brittle hair - 2 spoons per day
    Level 3 – Moderate to high wrinkles and ageing - 3 spoons per day

    We have had positive feedback from our customers who started with 3 Luxaplen spoons per day and then reduced over time to a maintenance level of 1 – 2 spoons per day.

    No refrigeration required, best results are achieved with regular and ongoing use.
  • 100% Marine Collagen
  • Type I Collagen starter pack

    • Marine collagen powder in beautiful refillable cut glass jar
    • Silver measuring spoon

    Luxaplen is for a healthier looking you, the you with a youthful glow, and your rejuvenated sense of self. This superior marine collagen promotes radiant skin, stronger bones and healthy hair and nails.

    Helping your body to rebuild and regenerate, the ageing journey can be a beautiful one with one of the most natural, dissolvent, purest and highest-potency forms of collagen, sourced from the deep seas of New Zealand.

    It's a gentle and natural supplement that works with your body to restore and repair, whilst balancing your natural collagen levels and prolonging a youthful appearance.

    Nourished, youthful and beautiful skin all starts from within, the natural way.

    What is Luxaplen?

    Luxaplen Marine Collagen is nature's answer to anti-ageing. It is a rejuvenating ingredient that replenishes the natural source of collagen found in our connective tissues and skin, addressing anti-ageing from the inside.

    Luxaplen collagen is the pure form of hydrolised marine grade Type I Collagen which contains elements that are widely believed to enhance health and wellbeing beyond the body's basic nutritional requirements. It is sustainable, extracted from the skin and scales of New Zealand deep sea fish that would otherwise be discarded in the fillet process.

    Luxaplen's specially manufactured, low molecular weight hydrolysed marine collagen makes it easier for our bodies to absorb and digest. It is odourless and virtually tasteless, making it very easy to add to your daily routine.


    • Type I marine collagen powder
    • Sourced from New Zealand
    • Low molecular weight is easy to absorb
    • Virtually tasteless
    • It has no serious intolerance reactions

    Skin & health Benefits

    Skin ageing is a process that is affected by external and internal factors, both causing the reduction and quality of the collagen fibres leading to a collapsing dermal layer causing;
    • Skin to sag and wrinkle
    • Hair becomes thinner, losing its shine and body
    • Nails to weaken and become more brittle
    • Bones weaken
    • The tone of our bodies becomes softer

    Clinical research and studies suggest health benefits from the regular consumption of collagen peptides resulting in;
    • Improvement to the skins moisture levels, smoothness and suppleness.
    • Helping to prevent signs of ageing such as deep wrinkles and fine lines
    • Promote joint health by helping to repair joint matrix regeneration
    • Helps to restore long term bone mineral density
    • Promotes healthy tissue growth Increases the water absorbing capacity of the outermost layer if the epidermis.
    • Regeneration of skin, hair, bones and joints.

    PLEASE NOTE: Not to be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding. If you experience any discomfort please discontinue use & seek medical advice if required.

    Product of Australia
    • Servings per package: 30
    • Serving size: 1 measuring spoon (4g)

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