Concentrated infused oil treatment for the eye area, 10ml
Concentrated infused oil treatment for the eye area, 10ml

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Eye Serum

Josh Rosebrook

  • Apply to a clean face only. For proper hydration, delivery and circulation of actives, first mist eye area with Hydrating Accelerator then apply the Oculus Formula around the eye area.
  • Organic Oils of: Camelina*, Hemp Seed*, Sunflower*, Coconut*, Grapeseed* and Almond*; Organic Herbal Infusions of: Eyebright*, Echinacea Flower*, Alfalfa*, Skullcap*, Calendula Flowers*, Blueberry*, Slippery Elm*, Rosemary Leaf*, Chickweed*, Fennel Seed*, Neem Leaf* and Sunflower Seed*; Organic Essential Oils of: Rose*, Geranium*, Lavender*, Blue Chamomile* and Carrot Seed*.
    * Certified organic ingredient
  • A concentrated infused oil treatment for the eye area.

    The Oculus Formula offers a higher ratio of herbal actives to fully impact the eye area, which has fewer, finer pores and thinner skin. We’ve selected specific active herbs that work powerfully together releasing potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant synergy, boosting collagen, firming skin and resetting skin’s natural regeneration process. Rich fatty acids and phytonutrients smooth fine lines, brighten, reduce puffiness and protect.

    Star ingredients

    Camelina Seed Oil, called "Gold of Pleasure" delivers extremely high essential fatty acid and Vitamin E content resulting in skin elasticity, suppleness and moisture retention.
    Hemp Seed Oil boasts a vast array of rich phytonutrients including potent antioxidants, protective and moisturising fatty acids along with deep nourishing vitamins and minerals. Anti-inflammatories reset the delicate eye area skin, calming, soothing, clearing and balancing.
    The anti-inflammatories in Echinacea and Calendula work to calm and soothe helping to balance and start the skin's natural regenerative process.
    Alfalfa, Fennel and Chickweed are rich in A and B vitamins which firm and brighten. They are dense with minerals and chlorophyll antioxidants that help to prevent and smooth fine lines and soften roughness.
    Eyebright is a skin-regenerating anti-inflammatory with flavanol antioxidants that stimulate collagen production and multiple cell-protecting compounds and vitamins.
    Skullcap and Slippery Elm anti-inflammatories soothe and calm, strengthening skin structure while antioxidants reduce puffiness.
    Vitamin C in Bilberry brightens and plumps depleted appearance.

    Made in USA

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