Refreshing mist delivers immediate hydration to dry, sun-damaged skin
[ 2 sizes ]
Refreshing mist delivers immediate hydration to dry, sun-damaged skin
[ 2 sizes ]

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  • Use Daily.
    • Spray liberally after cleansing for an anti-ageing boost.
    • Use throughout the day to cool, refresh and help skin retain moisture.
    • May be used after applying makeup to set your foundation
  • 100% natural derived ingredients

    Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Extract*
    Gigartina Skottsbergii (Red Marine Algae) Extract*
    Red Wine Extract (Resveratrol)
    Rubia Tinctorum (Madder) Root Extract
    Montmorillonite (Clay, trace minerals)
    Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C)
    Citric Acid
    Potassium Sorbate
    Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract
    Lonicera Japanica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract

    * Certified organic ingredient
  • Nourishing, hydrating anti-ageing mist for dry, sun-damaged skin

    This refreshing spray delivers immediate hydration to dry, sun-damaged skin. A potent blend of Pomegranate and Red Wine extracts gives this moisturising mist its beautiful rosy colour and accounts for its powerful anti-ageing effects on skin. Organic Patagonian Gigartina red marine algae stimulates cell renewal while hydrating, soothing, and protecting your skin

    SKIN TYPES: All skin types.

    How It Works

    USDA Certified Organic Gigartina Algae bolsters immune response while hydrating, soothing, and protecting the skin. It also has been found effective for skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema, and herpes. Pomegranate Extract has been shown to boost collagen production and even out skin tone. Red Wine Extract, loaded with resveratrol, protects skin from cellular damage and contains anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.


    What you will always receive from OSEA are the highest quality, naturally-sourced skincare that is vegan, gluten-free and biodegradable. What you will NOT receive are products laden with synthetic fragrances, genetically modified ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens, or sulfates.

    “We believe that safe cosmetics are your right and our Earth’s rightful due.”
      OSEA Founder, Jenefer Palmer

    ”Our company philosophy is built into the name – OSEA stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. We respect the four elements of our planet and work with nature to heal the human body. We don’t do anything that pollutes or harms our planet because that is where we find our most effective ingredients.”


    Made in USA

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