Natural Raw Shilajit Resin, 10g
Natural Raw Shilajit Resin, 10g

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  • 100% high-grade Shilajit live resin (sourced from the Himalayas)

  • FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Natural Raw Shilajit Resin:
    Premium Mineral Supplement Paste

    ShilajitRx resin combines all benefits of top Shilajit resins and delivers multiple health advantages not previously demonstrated by any high-quality Shilajit.

    Pack contains:
    10g jar of Live Resin

    QUALITY FOR LESS: Simple great quality, without the bells and whistles of other fancy expensive brands
    PURELY SOURCED: Using holistic customs, resin is sourced from high mountain ranges in the Himalayas
    BODY BOOST: Shilajit can boost your energy and immune system responses and support internal health
    MENTAL ENHANCER: Shilajit can also enhance memory and focus, regulate hormones, and reduce stress
    SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Mineral pitch is tested for purity in US labs, FDA compliant & securely packaged

    Shilajit is a plant-based mineral pitch obtained from the Himalayas and central Asian alps that has been used in Ayurvedic and Russian Holistic medicine for countless generations.

    In many traditional holistic systems, in particular Ayurveda, as well as conventional Eastern European medicine, shilajit is considered to be a supreme healing substance. Multiple ancient texts mention Shilajit as a highly effective health substance. The most famous, Charaka Samhita, an Ayurvedic text translated as “Compendium of Charaka” places Shilajit (mineral pitch) at the superior position in relation to many other herbal formulations.

    But Shilajit is not purely an Indian or Himalayan substance. Major figures throughout the history of Medicine have used shilajit and it is mentioned in Arabic, old Persian, Chinese and Sanscrit, as well as later in many European languages.

    Traditionally Shilajit was used not only to heal multiple conditions and improve overall health, but also used in combination with other herbal formulations, to increase their efficacy.

    Made in USA

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