THE ROSE SERUM <br> Gorgeous Over One Hundred Bunches Of Real Roses In A Bottle. Double Blended Serum®, 100ml
THE ROSE SERUM <br> Gorgeous Over One Hundred Bunches Of Real Roses In A Bottle. Double Blended Serum®, 100ml
THE ROSE SERUM <br> Gorgeous Over One Hundred Bunches Of Real Roses In A Bottle. Double Blended Serum®, 100ml
Manifesto Of Light

Gorgeous Over One Hundred Bunches Of Real Roses In A Bottle. Double Blended Serum®, 100ml

  • DIRECTIONS: Men can use the serum after shaving, applying a pump or two to damp skin. Press to your face and breathe in deeply, closing your eyes. Visualise the rose oil permeate your whole energetic field. Some will find their usual aftershave or moisturiser are now obsolete.

    Women can use the serum in the same manner, to amplify their rose cream, or on its own.

    The rose oil can also be anointed by lovers, anywhere on the body for intimate, connecting, heart-opening, hedonistic pleasure. Take your time.

    Miron bottles are specifically chosen for their protection of high-frequency essential oils. As the level of product is not easily visible, always keep your small bottle filled. When you only have 10 ml remaining, it is time to re-order.
  • Italian cold extracted hazelnut oil (Corylus colurna)
    100% pure and natural essential oils of:
    • Rose Damascena Absolute (Rosa damascena)
    • Rose Damascena Otto (Rosa damascena)
    • Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha)
    • Geranium (Pelargonium roseum).

    At Manifesto of Light we understand the potency of this product. As rose oil of this quality is a highly-active ingredient, please caution use if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or epilepsy. If this applies, please email us for more information.
  • I Am Natural Store's exclusive interview with Clive Newland and Deirdre Light, founders of Manifesto Of Light

    Q. What compelled you to create Manifesto of Light?

    For nearly thirty years now, we’ve been sourcing extraordinary and rare 100% Pure and Natural essential oils very few others have access to. It’s our privilege to now bring these to a wider audience. We feel bodies are ready for something beyond ‘natural’. For products more potent, more luxurious, more simplified, to literally connect us to our energetic bodies at an entirely new level.

    Q. Can you explain what you do as an ultra-natural perfumer?

    In 1998 I opened a unique aroma apothecary and massage room in Noosa, which established a bank of over 150 premium essential oils; this laid down the foundation for all we now do. As a bodyworker, with over 10,000 clients, my focus has always been the restoration of the true energetic blueprint of each individual. These particular oils carry coded information to the body to activate our innate and unique healing intelligence. As an ultra-natural perfumer, I avoid synthetics, avoid marketing stories and emotional hooks, and put the individual front and centre in all I do. My job is to help someone light up from the inside out; to reconnect with themselves. To inhale beauty so they can experience their own. Creating rare aromatic symphonies would be a good way of describing the process.

    Q. How was The Rose Collection born?

    The Rose Collection was born out of a challenge. My wife and muse, Dee, had very sensitive skin, and had used every commercial product under the sun with little success since her early teens. She was also, as many clients are, critical of her skin and relied on makeup to ‘face’ her day. She laid down the gauntlet and the rest is history. I simply went for the best, the most potent and aromatically most wonderful to bring her to her senses, literally. With a daily application, her bloom was restored, she softened, became more welcoming, kinder to herself. It’s almost as if the self-imposed scaffolding of years of judgement just fell away. She has used it every day since. I very quickly realised that The Rose Serum was the key to my wellbeing as well. It’s sensual, nourishing, and magnetic qualities, mixing with my own unique chemistry have underpinned my own daily expression for almost two decades. As with all our products, we make for ourselves first. If it doesn’t get past my body, it doesn’t make the shelf.

    Q. You talk about revering Nature, what do you mean?

    If you examine Nature with wonder, it will reveal many secrets and profound healing signatures that we as humans require to thrive. When you adulterate Nature, are impatient, and bend it to suit commercial imperatives, you lose its message. It’s just an empty promise. In truth, we require a dialogue with the plant world, the body, the spirit. And it cannot be compromised. That is why we have quietly swum the other way for years now.

    Q. Where do your damascene rose oils come from?

    From Bulgaria and Turkey. We’ve had the same private line of supply for nearly three decades now, all based on relationship. It’s the provenance of these roses, and the care that it takes to bring it to us that sets us apart. We have some wonderful invisible players in our team.

    Q. At first glance the products seem pricey, but are they?

    Price per ml we are no more expensive than many other brands, so that’s not really an issue when you do your homework. However, we do come to the table in large bottles. Most serums will be 30 ml... we’re 100ml, plus we gift to you an extra 10 ml traveller. When you use us daily, and incorporate us into your life, we become a wonderful daily joy. Hence, our clients are those who have succumbed to luxurious self-nourishment, who don’t ration and scrimp. And we find couples share the bottle, as we do. It’s also very liberating to wipe the shelves clean of extraneous products; we have pared back and simplified our lives by just using the best there is.

    Q. You only have a few ingredients… why?

    The hero of the products is the finest rose oil I can source in the world. Why not celebrate that? So we do, in generous quantities. The Italian cold extracted hazelnut oil is high in elastin, and very, very fine so it is absorbed instantly. Our shea butter which is a foundational ingredient of The Rose Cream is simply outstanding, and I have never found a better one in all my searches. We also add some rose geranium and myrrh 100% Pure and Natural essential oils to the blend to simultaneously brighten, deepen and harmonise the roses, it’s simply a marriage that works beautifully. Remember, simple doesn’t mean minor, it can mean extraordinary.

    Q. How will I know if the products are for me?

    Your body will know. This is not a time for rational calculated justification, for or against. Just ask your body. Stand up, with your feet together, and stay with me here. Imagine you are holding a glass of water; close your eyes and centre yourself, and empty your mind. Now ask your body if it would like to drink the water. It will lean forward for yes, and backwards for no. Get a feel for it. Now imagine you are holding The Rose Serum. Ask your body if it wants to be anointed with the roses. Forward yes, backwards, no. If it says yes, then you can feel empowered to proceed, knowing your body and psyche will benefit. If it says no, please also celebrate that. We are NOT for everybody, just those who are ready, so please check first.

    Both our Serum and Cream identify as contra-indicated for hypertension, epilepsy and pregnancy. We do this as a duty of care for our clients. This plainly means that the potency of both the Rose Otto and Rose Absolute are highly oxygenating and can affect any medications being used with these conditions. This oxygenating capacity is what truly sets our rose oil apart, and helps restore the bloom so often lost in our compromised lives. However, too much of a good thing can upset the balance, so feel free to contact Rossana with any queries.

    Q. Most women are drawn to roses, but why are you introducing The Rose Serum to men?

    Quite simply, our roses are magnificent on men who are ready. A man’s chemistry deepen the notes making them magnetic and arousing. Roses are for the heart, they oxygenate the blood, and literally open pathways to increased virility. At the same time, they soften us, make us kinder, help us connect and bring us to ourselves. Roses are for Lovers too. A man who gives up conventional aftershaves and turns to our Rose Serum opens an invitational door to experience a different response from their partner. One we’d love to foster in this highly competitive world.

    Q. You talk about receiving, what do you mean in this context?

    The signature of our rose oil is self-acceptance. Therefore receiving means to accept who you really are, to let the mask fall away and to walk your own walk. When you receive you, your intuition expands, your health improves, your relationships are enhanced, and life begins to take on a deeper meaning. By putting you front and centre, you can then connect with more subtle energies and literally receive them as well. So receiving has a double meaning, to receive you and also to receive the wider universal energies available to you via the cosmos. They both work hand in hand as you grow in awareness.

    Q. How do I use The Rose Serum and how often?

    We recommend you use The Rose Serum daily. It’s more than skincare. We both use it slightly differently, as it has its own rapport with each of us. Dee uses The Serum first thing on rising, after she spritzes with Rose Foral Water. Taking 6 to 7 drops in her palms, she warms it first, then cups her hands to her face and deeply breathes in the aroma three times, imagining it circulating around her whole body. This is sets the tone for her day. She’ll also uses The Serum first to amplify her Rose Cream if she wants a bigger rose moment. I use The Serum after showering when my skin is still damp, take a pump full, and apply to my face, upper chest, bald head, in one sweep. Both of us use The Serum around our bodies when spending time together. Part of the joy of the roses is to inhale them off another mixed with our own chemistry. A heart opening, sensual experience.

    Q. What changes can someone expect when using our roses over time?

    It is liberating. We get off the self-deprecating beauty grid. We are enough. If the roses are for you (check first), then embracing them is paramount. Indulge. Don’t keep just for that special occasions. Use daily. Use The Rose Serum for lovemaking too. You cannot NOT surrender to the roses’ high frequency beauty over time. Over the years, our private clients have simply said they cannot now live without us. Their skin is nourished, their psyches calmed, their relationship with themselves and their partner more real, their morning ritual more sacred and their lives simplified. A big claim we know, but consistent use creates a luxurious pathway to enriching our lives.
  • Shift the frequency of your body

    “Rose oil of this quality speaks to the body, creating an oxygen-rich bloom that elevates the psyche and opens the heart.”  CLIVE NEWLAND

    Originally reserved for ultra-natural perfumer, Clive Newland’s own private use, this deeply sensual formula utilises the potency of 100% pure and natural Rose Damascena Otto and Rose Damascena Absolute to vitalise and oxygenate the body’s blood system, and elevate the psyche.

    One potent application literally shifts the frequency of the body.

    Both men and women succumb to the rich aroma, and each wearer will find their own intimate, daily connection. And when the whim arises, lovers of rosy luxury may anoint their whole body and that of their lover with a generosity of spirit so divine, the Heavens will smile.

    It starts with Roses

    Roses speak volumes. So when you make the finest rose oil in the world, from Bulgaria and Turkey, the cornerstone of your skincare, and make everything else impeccably simple, aficionados take note.

    As Newland states, “Rose oil of this quality speaks to the body, creating an oxygen-rich bloom that elevates the psyche and opens the heart.”

    On average it takes over 3,500 kg of petals to distill just one litre of rose oil, and a champion rose picker five hours to amass enough roses to extract a mere few drops.

    So every time you anoint yourself with our roses, you are literally burying your face in an ocean of richly perfumed blooms. Roses whose petals are hand-picked with tremendous care by generations of people who consciously love what they do.

    Being Heaven on Earth just got a whole lot easier

    Made in Australia

    Discover the Brand - Manifesto Of Light
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