Produced like fine wines, thanks to the French love of natural aromas and their savoir-faire in an authentic Art of Living, in the name of well-being and pleasure.

By cultivating this passion, just as wine-makers produce their wine, they have succeeded in finding an authentic expression for French incense. Strongly determined by the particular tastes of the French public, these tastes have evolved considerably in the last 20 years or so.

Naturally, traditional uses inspired directly by the East persist, eg. as an accompaniment to meditation or an olfactive journey. Using the incense of another country, like eating the cuisine or discovering the traditional arts, is a touch of exoticism that is always available and which does not harm the ozone layer.

But new motivations have also appeared, enriching the everyday life of the French.
The search for well-being through scent: incense plants are responsible for the benefits of aromatherapy (respiration, circulation) and aromachology (relaxation, recuperation, stimulation and so on).

The search for a healthy and harmonious lifestyle: knowing how to associate a mood scent to a particular activity or room in the house is a skill that is both enriching and stimulating. It is a skill that now interests many French people, as does purification of places: the anti-bacterial and anti-odour effect of certain types of incense is so remarkable that incense is becoming an essential part of our everyday lives.

Eager to learn and experiment, strengthened by a rich culture of perfumes and scents, the French public is also concerned with quality, ethics and the positive impact on ones health.

It is in the light of this double requirement for quality and authenticity that we have developed the following ranges:

  • Plant Incense : a masterful response to the demand for 
100% natural incense, giving off a minimum amount of fumes 
and remaining strongly imbued with the authentic aroma 
of the plants.
  • Aromambiance : creating the fragrant ambiance of the 
main effects of aromatherapy and its essential oils, to 
perfume and deodorise.
  • Incense greetings cards : an original concept combining 
the pleasure of writing with the magic of incense. Scented 
messages for each of lifes occasions.
  • Pocket incense : an indispensable take-everywhere accessory!

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