the rose serum

It starts with Roses

Roses speak volumes. So when you make the finest rose oil in the world, from Bulgaria and Turkey, the cornerstone of your skincare, and make everything else impeccably simple, aficionados take note.

As ultra-natural perfumer Clive Newland states, “Rose oil of this quality speaks to the body, creating an oxygen-rich bloom that elevates the psyche and opens the heart.”

On average it takes over 3,500 kg of petals to distill just one litre of rose oil, and a champion rose picker five hours to amass enough roses to extract a mere few drops.

So every time you anoint yourself with our roses, you are literally burying your face in an ocean of richly perfumed blooms. Roses whose petals are hand-picked with tremendous care by generations of people who consciously love what they do.

Being Heaven on Earth just got a whole lot easier.

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