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Simplify Yet Beautify.

That old adage that less is more is the secret to Alima Pure’s success. It sometimes seems that the beauty industry is all about more—more tan, more lashes, more sculpted, more products. But we found that cosmetics don’t need lots of ingredients that you can’t pronounce to bring your inner beauty to the surface. It’s not about what’s in our products; it’s about what’s not. Here’s a little secret we discovered along the way to becoming an international sensation:

Everything Matters.

Nothing is insignificant. So, when we founded a company based on the premise of minimal ingredients for maximum impact, we knew we were on to something. A few natural ingredients can give every woman the power to present her best self to the world with confidence. That’s beauty at it’s most beautiful.

But sometimes, more really IS better. As in, more color choices, to match more women. In fact, our color palette is enormous. For every skin tone. At every age. Alima. 


We Are Big Believers In Reading Your Labels And Learning As Much As You Can.

We are big fans and full participants in the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. We provide detailed ingredient information for every product we sell. And we invite you to please read our labels. They are informative and fun. Keep in mind that only a small set of ingredients have been adequately studied to understand all possible types of risks so most products still have a huge data gap (the data gap is shown right beneath the score for a product) and some people complain the database makes everything scary by treating ingredients as "guilty until proven innocent". But we think it’s a great start.

Alima Pure Is Certified Safe And Natural According To The European Standard.

We went looking for the most rigorous test we could find to support the minimal ingredient list of every one of our products. We found it! The BDIH certification ensures that the Alima Pure cosmetics you use on your skin are all natural and nothing more. And we are proud to say that we passed with flying colors. Alima Pure mineral makeup products have BDIH natural cosmetics certification, which is a highly coveted German certification for natural cosmetics. It's safe to say that there is no cheating allowed.

BDIH In A Nutshell.

Since 1996, the Federation of German Industries and Trading Firms (BDIH) have been working with leading producers of natural cosmetics, mostly in Europe, to develop comprehensive guidelines. Their standards are highly demanding and backed by an independent institute. 


The beauty of Alima Pure is that our minerals are real and simple. Even if they hard to pronounce. The good news is that you don't need a degree in pharmacology to make informed choices about your cosmetics.

Read labels and familiarize yourself with the ingredients, just as you do with the food you eat. It's surprisingly easy.

Here are the ingredients we use in Alima Pure Mineral Makeup:

Ferric Ferrocyanide (CI 77510): an inorganic mineral salt used to provide a rich blue color in cosmetics. Cosmetic-grade ferric ferrocyanide is approved for use on the eyes and face in the U.S., and on lips, eyes and face in the E.U. and Japan. We use it in a few of our eyeshadows and shimmer powders. Please note: Ferric ferrocyanide is not approved for use on the lips in the U.S.

Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499): inorganic compounds created from purified, oxidized iron. Iron oxides range in shade from yellow to red, brown and black. Approved for use in cosmetics in the U.S., E.U. and Japan.

Kaolin (CI 77004): a hydrated aluminum silicate, also known as china clay. It's very pure, soft and matte, and is highly prized for its gently absorptive properties and lustrous feel. Approved for use in cosmetics in the U.S., E.U. and Japan.

Mica (CI 77019): an inorganic, colorless silicate mineral used in cosmetics to provide slip, luster and adhesion. Mica is available in many grades, with a range of textures from matte to shimmery. Some grades are known as "sericite" which is a matte form of mica. Approved for use in cosmetics in the U.S., E.U. and Japan. At Alima Pure, mica is used in most of our cosmetics for its luxurious silkiness and subtly reflective properties.

Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891): a naturally occurring oxide of titanium, generally used as a pigment. Cosmetics grades are extremely pure and highly prized as an effective non-chemical sunscreen. Titanium dioxide is found in our Satin Matte Foundation and most of our color cosmetics. It is not used in our Color Balancing Powder, Balancing Primer Powder or Satin Finishing Powder. We do not use nano-sized titanium dioxide in our formulas.

Ultramarines (CI 77007): a blue inorganic mineral pigment composed of complex sodium aluminum sulfosilicates. Ultramarine blue is found in a few of our Satin Matte Eyeshadows and Satin Matte Eyeliners.

Zinc Oxide (CI 77947): an inorganic chemical compound found in nature as zincite. Refined zinc oxide is used in cosmetics as a white pigment, and is highly prized as a non-chemical sunscreen. It is also regarded as anti-microbial and wound-healing. Zinc oxide is found in Alima's Satin Matte Foundation and Balancing Primer Powder. We do not use nano-sized zinc oxide in our formulations. 


Not all makeup is as simple, gentle and light as pure mineral makeup.

Typical department store makeup contains mostly "carrying agents", preservatives, fillers and some mineral pigmentation. This provides a thick makeup with a set amount of color in each drop. Not only are there many concerns about the safety and sustainability of the ingredients in some of these products, they tend to feel heavy and don't offer much control over the amount of coverage and color you want to apply.

Pure mineral makeup contains nothing but the finest minerals, specially processed to be light, silky and designed to stay on your skin. Some minerals provide the color, others provide the opacity and - in shimmery products - the sparkle. Some minerals naturally protect skin from the sun and environment and happily, these are minerals common to almost every product we make.

Minerals that shimmer, yes. Bismuth oxychloride (BOC), no. If you are looking for mineral makeup without BOC you have come to the right place. All of our products are completely BOC free.

Our mineral makeup gives you greater control over how much coverage you get. A "normal" amount of foundation offers great coverage and evens up your skin tone but feels wonderfully light. You control whether your eyeshadow is barely there or a real pop of color.

Mineral makeup can be easily made into a liquid. If you are nervous about applying foundation with a brush, just add a very small amount of the makeup to a small amount of a beneficial non-oily face cream and apply with your fingers or a makeup sponge. When you "DIY" like this you can control the amount of color-per-drop.

Mastering the application of mineral makeup can take some getting used to. But you’ll be a pro in no time. Don’t let the fear of the “gloop” hold you back. Grab you brush and get started.

You may quickly find that pure mineral makeup is prettier, better and more fun! We know you'll love the way it feels, and we sincerely hope you love using mineral makeup as much as we enjoy creating it. Please let us know how we can help.

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