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Create moments of magic in your day and nurture your mind body and spirit

Alyssum Alchemy is a range of self-care rituals and Sacred Skincare that is truly unique and made with the utmost integrity and purity of intention. Harnessing the healing powers of aromatherapy, gemstone and flower essences, crystals and Reiki, each Alyssum Alchemy product is then cultivated in accordance with potent lunar phases.

Sourcing high quality, ethical and organic ingredients, the entire Alyssum Alchemy range is 100% natural, palm free, and animal cruelty free. Every ingredient has been carefully selected and meticulously researched. Alyssum’s formulas draw on modern science, as well as ancient wisdom and traditional remedies.

Each product celebrates the vitality of the Australian bush, featuring organic and wild crafted potent native botanicals, infused with locally-sourced crystals, and hand blended in micro batches in Sydney, Australia with love.

Every bottle is an invitation to step into your own sacred space within. These high-vibrational elixirs are designed to conveniently and effectively support you physically, emotionally and energetically. They are beautifully fragrant reminders to be mindful and to live consciously.

Be empowered to live in sacred simplicity. Peel back what is unnecessary and focus on the important things in life. Connect with nature, do what you love, spend quality time with loved ones and take responsibility for your own wellbeing.

The Alchemist

“I believe we all have access to a deep well of magic within ourselves. It is where our inspired creativity lies, where our open-hearted unconditional love lives, where our tightly held secret hopes and desires sit, and our inner child plays. It is an enchanted world referenced by ancient myths and mystics, revealed by bliss, meditation, ceremony and ritual, borrowed by fairy tales and expressed in art forms since time began. It's the richly rewarding connection so many of us seek and it's within our grasp. We each have our own key to this place, and there are many doors through which to enter, but so many never even dare….. My key was found amongst vials of oils and fragments of crystals, it shone under the light of the full moon. Once I opened the door I never looked back.”

Alison xx

Organic botanicals

Alyssum Alchemy products feature certified organic ingredients including Australian native botanicals and potent exotic oils and extracts. Drawing on extensive experience within the aromatherapy industry, ancient herbal wisdom and evidence from modern scientific research and clinical trials, each ingredient has been meticulously researched and carefully chosen for its therapeutic or energetic properties.


All Alyssum Alchemy products have been infused with the healing power of carefully selected Australian crystals. Working with the cycles of the moon, key ingredients in each product have been used to create crystal infusions (also know as elixirs) which hold the energetic vibrations of carefully chosen crystals.

All crystals used have been sourced from Australia, direct from fossickers who hand-dig the crystals from the earth themselves. Alyssum believe the Australian land and its rocks have much to teach us, being home to the oldest living culture in the world. It was imperative to Alison that these stones be sourced with love and respect, ethically and sustainably. Each product also includes specific gem and crystal essences (also known as vibrational remedies) to further draw on the healing qualities of crystals.

Flower and Gemstone Essences

Vibrational Remedies or Essences are made through communion with a mineral (crystals and gems) or a flower, through a process of deep meditation and respect. The gem or flower is immersed in spring water and set aside to infuse in sunlight. The resulting water holds the energetic imprint or consciousness of the flowers or gems and is later preserved with a small amount of brandy and bottled. Essences are very different to essential oils which are the physical volatile oils extracted from plants.

Essences carry the vibrational imprint of the flower or mineral and can help communicate new ways of being and perceiving. They interact with our subtle energy systems (such as our chakras and meridians), encourage the awakening of our divine self and assist with letting go of fears and limiting perceptions. Essences communicate directly to our entire being, gently inviting healing and transformation into our lives. Each flower or gem has a different frequency and will communicate a specific state of consciousness via resonance.

As a qualified essence practitioner, Alison understands the subtle differences between the different essence producing companies and the importance of using essences made by healers who have only the purest of intentions behind their creations. The Alyssum Alchemy range features essences from two incredible women, both of them healers and Alison considers them her mentors.


Reiki enhances life force vitality through heart-centred compassion and connection with Source.

Energy is all around us. We sense it when we walk into a room, noting if it feels light and fresh or heavy and somber (in which case we will feel inclined to leave). We sense it when we meet people for the first time, making an assessment about them purely on the ‘energy’ we get from them, the way they hold themselves, what they talk about, the frequency of the energy they emit (do they have a positive energy, a negative energy, a ‘draining’ energy or an ‘uplifting and revitalizing’ energy?). Nothing is ever still, every atom vibrates across the universe vibrates continually, and this constant movement produces energy. Everything produces its own vibrations or energy.

We also frequently feel the benefits when we purify and refresh our own energy systems. The feeling of release when we swim in the ocean, have a long hot bath or take a long walk in nature; the sense of healing we feel when eating healthy pure food or get a massage; the experience of lightness and joy when we fall in love or are doing something which inspires us. We can just as easily deplete our energy too, by sitting at a computer for too long, eating junk food, being in toxic relationships or not listening to our heart.

Each of these experiences is an example of how energy works in our lives. The human brain and heart both operate thanks to electrical impulses, without these impulses or ‘energy’ the human body could not survive.

Disease, or dis-ease, is a result of the body (and its energy systems) being out of balance. Energetic Healing is an effective way to raise the vibrations of the human energy field and transfer energy to parts of your being, which are out of balance, restoring harmony and health. It can help to remove imbalances and blockages, which if left unchecked are likely to manifest physically. We can also use energetic healing to raise the vibrations of our food, homes, crystals, drinking water and anything we want to inject love and light into.

Much of Energy Medicine is based on ancient principles inherent in Traditional Chinese Medicine (and its understanding of meridians – energy channels through the body and the system targeted by acupuncture), the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda (which honours a series of energy centres in the body known as chakras – often the focus of yoga and meditation) and the revered Japanese healing art of ‘Reiki’ which uses sacred symbols and a healing techniques developed by Japanese monk Tsui Mikao. Reiki is the channelling of healing universal energy by laying on of the hands. It is an electromagnetic energy flow and can help raise the vibrations of whomever or whatever it is directed towards.

As a Reiki Master and qualified Energetic Healer, Alison draws on these healing modalities and, with pure intention and a beautiful sacred ritual, transfers this heart-centred divine energy into each and every Alyssum Alchemy bottle.

“My products are already vibrating with beautiful healing organic ingredients, vibrational remedies (essences) and crystal infusions. By blessing the bottles with Reiki healing and conscious intention during powerful lunar phases I have created a truly unique, sacred and high vibrational range of transformative healing tools for you to enjoy every day.”

Moon Magic

Drawing on biodynamic principals, each Alyssum Alchemy product is cultivated at potent moon phases.

Biodynamics is an holistic approach to growing plants and food developed in the early 1920s based on the spiritual insights of scientist Dr Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamic practitioners acknowledge the co-creative relationship we have with the Earth as well as the subtle influences the cosmos and its cycles have on the natural world.

With a focus on ecological and ethical farming the movement aims to work in harmony with the earth to improve the integrity of our food, and in turn our health. The timing of planting, pruning, harvesting and cultivating crops is timed with the cycles of the moon, planets and stars.

Ancient traditions, astrology and modern mystics all draw a clear connection with the moon's cycles and it’s effects on humans and our planet. The moon's gravitation pull impacts all bodies of water on the planet. The ocean's tides are governed by the eb and flow of the moon's cycle, as are our own inner oceans. The human body is made up of up to 70% water and just as the water on the surface of the earth feels the gravitational pull of the moon, our bodies are also affected by the moon's cycle. While this effect is more energetic than physical, the moon and its phases will have an impact on your emotions and your energetic body and you can draw on this cyclic energy in your own life in many ways.

Energetically the various phases of the moon offer us the following opportunities:

Dark of the Moon 
When there is no moon in the sky is a good time to reflect, meditate and go inwards. Use this time to rest and rebuild your energy.
• Sacred Stardust Dream Mist
is infused with crystals and blessed with Reiki on the Dark Moon drawing on this quietly retracting energy.

New Moon 
When a tiny sliver of moon appears in the sky is a great opportunity to start new projects, write lists, make plans, plant seeds (literally and metaphorically) and make wishes.
• Clarity Remedy Oil
is infused with crystals and blessed with Reiki on the New Moon drawing on this energy of momentum and new beginnings.

Waxing Moon
When the moon grows towards fullness is a chance to action your plans and goals made on the new moon and work towards health and increase.

Full Moon
When the moon is energetically at its peak, and offers up an energy of expansion and creativity: the moon is full and ripe with possibility. It is also a time of completion and a powerful time to determine what changes you want to bring into your life. Use this time to set intentions and to invite love and abundance into your life.
• Sacred Space Meditation Mist,
• Siren Song Salt Soak,
• Rose Radiance Facial Nectar 
• Rose Radiance Face Mist
are all infused with crystals and other healing energies at the Full Moon drawing on this abundant and vital energy.

Waning Moon
As the moon gets smaller is energetically a good time to let go, to detox, to declutter, to clean and throw away what you no longer need.

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