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Noble Elements LLC is an innovative company founded by Dr. Calin V. Pop MD., Dan V. Goia Ph.D., and Nodari Rizun. The brand we started is called “Coated Silver”, in honour of an exclusive technology we use to make our colloidal silver.

Our vision is to make the world a healthier place with Coated Silver for humans, in supplements, foods, water, and air… Anywhere, where a human immune system needs extra support.

All our founders have diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds. What unites us is a belief in better health, as well as being different, progressive, and innovative in how we develop and grow Coated Silver. We shall never trade our social and scientific integrity of profits.

Our joint experience is over 85 years in the fields of World-class chemistry, traditional and integrative medicine, international law, business and making a world a healthier place and better place to live.

We focus heavily on helping the populations in need of Coated Silver anywhere on the planet, without discrimination based on race, geography, religion, political views, sexual orientation, social status. You will find Coated Silver not only in US, Canada, EU, UK, but you will also find us in Venezuela, Iraq, African Countries, and many others where help is needed.

Dr. Dan V. Goia, Ph.D., Professor
Dr. Dan V. Goia Ph.D. is the principal inventor of the Coated Silver. Dr. Goia worked for over 30 years in academic institutions, research organizations and private sector involved in the development of fine particles. He is a former Professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) at Clarkson University, NY. Dr. Goia holds the multiple US and international Patents.

Dr. Goia’s current work focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and modification of highly dispersed uniform micrometer, submicrometer, and nanometer size metallic particles with well-controlled size, morphology, internal structure, composition, and surface properties. Research and Development efforts primarily focused on the development of chemical precipitation processes capable of yielding high-performance materials for existing and emerging applications. He also conducts research needed to understand the mechanisms responsible for the formation of uniform metallic particles in solutions. Dan Goia successfully developed innovative precipitation methods for generating highly dispersed metallic particles of Cu, Ni, Co, Bi, Ag, Au, Pd, Pt, and their alloys for applications in electronics, energy conversion and storage (PEM and SO fuel cells), medicine and biology, emissions control, sensors, and metallurgy. His work on spherical gold and silver particles has contributed to the understanding of the formation mechanism of large uniform colloids in homogeneous solutions by aggregation of nanosize precursors and has resulted in a model that is now widely accepted by the scientific community and is frequently cited in the literature. Recently, a common National Science Foundation project investigates the formation of gold and precious metal anisotropic nano-particles (platelets, rods, ellipsoids, cubes, etc.), a topic of extreme importance for science and technology.

Dr. Calin V. Pop MD
Dr. Calin V. Pop, is a Medical Doctor, Internal Medicine specialist who has over two decades of hands-on practical experience on real-life patients combining mainstream medicine with unconventional therapies. Dr. Pop has over 20 years experience working with colloidal silver. He is an author of a book called: The TRUTH About Colloidal Silver & Gold: Separating Fact From Fiction

Dr. Pop specialises in addressing the deeper, underlying causes of illness and disease. He believes that everyone deserves to live up to his or her full potential, to live a long, healthy, vibrant life. However, things have become too complicated and confusing in health care, and most people cannot sort out the overload of misinformation in time to find healing and relief from various conditions.

Dr. Pop provides this kind of precious expert-guidance-made-simple in his book series, Dr. Pop’s Secrets of Health, which focuses on a variety of health concerns, such as: Health 101, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Fatigue and Depression.

Dr. Pop has authored many eye-opening books, including The Symbolic Message of Illness and The Truth About Colloidal Silver and Gold, as well as a series of three books about his self-pioneered new concept, The Exhaustion Syndrome.

Dr. Pop’s goal as a Medical Doctor is to employ modalities and therapies that support the body’s natural healing processes. At the heart of Dr. Pop’s practice is the belief that maintaining and improving one’s health is a process that requires expert guidance. He encourages his patients to make wise lifestyle changes, even unconventional, that will result in increased health and longevity.
He strongly believes nutritional and lifestyle modalities should be used as first-line approaches for chronic illness and that there is nothing merely complementary or alternative about it. The concept of lifestyle as medicine is the real driving force beneath all aspects of health and patient care.

He is a passionate advocate of natural medicine, a wellness champion, and a visionary who dreams of a supportive, passionate health care community that gracefully combines effective natural therapies with conventional medicine, a concept that will influence the existing health care system, which he believes is currently limited.

Nodari Rizun: Visionary Entrepreneur
Nodari Rizun is an entrepreneur and an angel investor with a background in health, supplements, progressive pharmaceuticals, and international business. Nodari developed a market of shilajit resins, spearheading it with a Pürblack Live Resin brand.

Among companies brands developed by Mr. Rizun are Coated Silver (coated colloidal silver and gold), Pürblack (mineral pitch shilajit resins), Mushroom Science (extracts of medicinal mushrooms), Cerebroptim (launching 3rd quarter of 2019), Auraprotect (launching 4th quarter 2019).

Nodari’s educational background is in international human rights law and business administration. His core belief is that up to 95% of all global healthcare should result from natural health, preventative healthcare, and fusion of modern science along with historically proven health practices.

Mr. Rizun is a radically green and social entrepreneur. Among his choices in developing, companies are refusing plastics in favor of alternative materials, increasing share of recyclables in production, donating substantial parts of profits to organizations like Greenpeace, Oceana Foundation, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Dunagiri Foundation.

The Technology

Coated Silver is a state-of-the-art, advanced true colloidal silver solution ready to be used for any antibacterial and antiviral applications. The proprietary patented technology used to manufacture the exact 10 nm silver particles is the best in the world, designed by world class PhD, professor of chemistry, nanotechnology and bio-molecular sciences. The product is engineered and manufactured in The USA in one of the best nano-technology laboratories with state of the art equipment.

The concentration, stability, uniformity of particles and safety coating of C Silver are unmatched in the world. The silver particles are each coated with a natural and biocompatible polysaccharide that allows silver ions to disperse. This is important as silver ions are the true antibacterial fighters. Colloidal silver provides a gentle steady supply, like a reservoir, of silver ions as opposed to transparent ionic silver which is too aggressive.

We have by far the most concentrated, gentle and most stable nano bio-silver available on the market. Our Colloidal Silver concentrate can be diluted in water, soups, tea, soda-pop, coffee or any other water based liquid you may think of.

Our colloidal Silver Concentrate comes in a 5 cc vial giving you 83 drops, enough for 8-10 treatments or many months of prevention. A usual dose of one drop (there are 16-17 drops per cc) in your liquids every day or every other day will treat most infections if taken for a week or so, or simply adding just one drops in any liquid per week daily will give you prevention.

Why do we say our colloidal silver is different and why do we call it a concentrate?

Because our colloidal silver solution is so concentrated that you can dilute it 20-25 times and it will still be more concentrated than all commercially available products on the market right now.


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