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Handmade, aromatherapy-based natural perfume

The GODDESS LINE is a range of aromatherapy based natural perfume oils designed for use during yoga sessions or simply to wear as unique and sensual perfumes. Made entirely of organic oils blended with organic essential oils, they are gentle on the nose and skin, and provide specific aromatherapy benefits. As an alternative to the common alcohol and water based perfume, these outstanding quality oils smell unique and delicious, are calming to the soul, environmentally friendly and cruelty free. The range now includes Yoga Mat washes and soaps.

WARNING: The Goddess Line scents have powerful aphrodisiac qualities.

The Goddess Line difference

Wearing perfume is not just about smelling nice anymore.  It now plays a major part in personal health. Each of the Goddess Oils can help energise and uplift your exercise routine, increase stamina and ease muscle tension in your poses, help your breathing, deepen your focus, and calm your restlessness during meditation. And they can give you a more balanced and peaceful state of being during your every day activities. 

Each oil gives you an extra dose of vitality and Goddess femininity and ultimately helps you achieve a happier and more peaceful state of your mental, physical and spiritual centres. 

The word "yoga" means union.  It is meant to create a union of the mind, body and spirit. Clarity of mind, balance of body and revitalisation of spirit. Yoga is a discipline that requires the relaxation of your mental, physical and spiritual centres. It assists with keeping those centres strong through different postures, posing and breathing. 

Having the right environment is imperative to achieving the relaxation of the mental, physical and spiritual centres. Massage the Goddess Oils directly into specific chakra regions of the body to recreate balance and harmony, or cleanse your body post-workout in the shower with our Goddess Soaps and Clay Skin Treatment Bars.

We encourage you to check out our Ingredients list for all the Aromatherapy benefits you can find in The Goddess Line.


The Goddess Line was created in 2001. Every product is handmade in downtown Manhattan using natural and essential oils, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and we never test ANYTHING on animals.

The company's focus is sustainability, and 10 percent of all profits go to charity. 

We strive to develop outstanding quality products that smell unique and delicious, that are calming to the soul, and are environmentally friendly and cruelty free. 

Our Goddesses represent the qualities we wish for all people to value. We find it so unfortunate how the mainstream media makes today's youth value such low standards and morals for how they think they should look and behave. We instead focus on values such as perseverance, devotion, knowledge, empowerment, wisdom, strength, courage, abundance, qualities of TRUE Goddesses.

The Goddess Line is a small but growing company. We thank all our supporters and all those who first consider buying products from small, hardworking companies that respect all life in our environment.

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