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   Product of Germany

Berlin cool. Hollywood glam.

Born in Berlin, Treat Collection personifies urban edginess. A glamorous nail polish line of 54 different shades – a treat not only for the nails (after all, the 5-free polishes contain less chemicals than regular products) – but a treat in itself and for all senses.

It’s just that little daily dose of self-indulgence that neither ruins your bank account nor leaves you with a bad conscience... like a great novel waiting to be read... like breakfast in bed, a long soak in the hot tub or a beautiful bunch of flowers.

The line is sophisticated yet open minded, trendy but not flashy. The design of the heavy, luxurious glass bottle with its golden clasps is chic, but thanks to the sleek logo, not overdone. The colour palette ranges from white, washed, transparent, “almost there” shades to pretty pastels, taupes, browns and some intense colours like emerald, navy, deep purple and blacks with a little shimmer, to fantastic reds in every nuance, corals, pinks and a great, all-you’ll-ever-need variation of nudes.


Treat Collection polishes are “5-free” – this means they deliberately abstain from commonly-used unsafe ingredients. No more doubts or worries about having your nails shine day after day, even during pregnancy or with children around – Treat Collection polishes are non-toxic and so much healthier than regular products.

Unfortunately, nail polishes cannot get by with purely organic and natural ingredients and still meet the performance standards needed for high-quality nail enamels. So, Treat Collection pay the utmost attention to using only substances that not only perform, but are state-of-the-art with respect to safety, health and environmental compatibility – for outstanding brilliance that makes you shine.

Treat say NO to:

Formaldehyde – An important building block for the chemical industry which in cosmetics is frequently used as dissolvent – even though it provokes allergies as well as irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory tracks and is considered to be cancer-causing. Treat Collection does without this risk factor, no doubt about it!

Formaldehyde Resin – One of the oldest plastics with hard and break-proof properties, it is frequently used in the production of chipboards and circuit boards. However, it is deemed to cause allergic contact reactions and skin problems. We want you to be carefree when brushing a strand of hair out of your face or touching up on your make-up – this is why we opt for nonhazardous resins.

Toluene – This liquid is also contained in gasoline and is used as a solvent – but EU Regulation classifies it as harmful to health. Its strong smell would drive you to your knees and can be addictive. To us, it is a matter of course to use vegan alternatives in our Treat Collection polishes.

DBP (Dibutyl phthalate) – A commonly used plasticiser used to keeps plastics elastic – but they are entirely out of place in baby articles, toys and cosmetics. Given that it is classified as toxic and dangerous to the environment it is even prohibited for such purposes in the EU. Unlike other manufacturers we have always made sure that our Treat Collection nail polishes keep supple and smooth using non-poisonous components!

Camphor – Another component used as plasticiser – in addition it is used in pest control and blasting gelatine. Not very sexy, all the less since it is psychoactive and toxic, thereby causing nausea, respiratory distress and panic attacks. Nothing you want to use on your fingers or toes, which is why Treat Collection polishes make sure you nails shine healthily.

Treat say YES to:

Ethyl Acetate – This organic compound is extracted from acetic acid and for its sweet fruity smell similar to that of pears is also used to flavour lemonades, drops or medicaments. As versatile solvent it is our choice to make sure the ingredients in Treat Collection polishes mix and blend well.

Butyl Acetate – A further organic compound found in many types of fruit and for its pleasant sweet smell of bananas or apples is used to flavour foods. Given its outstanding solvent power it ensures excellent – and healthy – gloss and flow in varnish. Just what we want for our Treat Collection!

Isopropyl – Blended with herbs and essential oils this liquid is used to produce rubbing alcohol – a well-tried household remedy that is massaged into the skin to alleviate pains be they strains or joint complaints. Given that it can be safely used it is a further solvent we like to use for our polishes.

Nitrocellulose – Based on cellulose, an important structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants, this compound is the perfect film-forming basis for Treat nail polishes – ‘cause Treat Collection is here to stay on!

Adipic Acid – In nature this colourless and odourless organic compound is found in beetroot and sugar beet and given its sour taste is an EU-approved food additive. It plays a role in the production of nylon and keeps our Treat Collection polishes naturally smooth and supple.

Trimethyl Pentanyl Diisobutyrate – This biodegradable compound serves as basis for producing plasticisers and surficants. It makes sure Treat Collection polishes stay on your nails as long as possible to make them shine day after day.

Stearalkonium Hectorite – A harmless thickening agent to make sure that shimmering particles evenly spread over your nails. Given its tolerability it is also used in lipstick or eye make-up.

Diacetone Alcohol – This organic compound with its sweet smell is used as a solvent in natural lacquers and colorants and is also used in compounding fragrances. Given its brilliant properties Treat use this liquid to make your nails really shine!

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