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Subscriptions are a perfect way to receive your favourite items at your front door regularly without having to remember to re-order each month. Super convenient, product subscriptions save you time, and money, on regularly recurring orders. 

SAVE! Subscribe for regular recurring orders and enjoy discounts up to 10% off the regular retail price. All our subscriptions are offered for a discounted price, the amount of the discount is displayed on each participating product.

Simply select how often you want your order to recur, and then every month (or time period you select) our system automatically charges your credit card and generates the order for you. You don't have to worry about a thing. Our subscription service does it all for you and you can just sit back, relax and wait for your orders to arrive at home.


Products that are available for a subscription will display two (2) ways to buy. A One-off purchase, or a Subscribe and Save. If you select Subscribe and Save you will be able to then select the frequency for your recurring order. The types of products that are available for subscription are those that need to be re-ordered regularly, products such as health supplements.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are any products you would like to be able to order as a recurring order subscription that aren't offered for a subscription, please contact us and we can make that available.


You can manage, edit, pause, update and add to existing orders, giving you complete flexibility with your recurring orders. You are not locked in to any contract so you can cancel whenever you like.

You have total control over your subscription orders and can easily manage product quantities, update credit card info, update addresses and even skip orders if you’re away on holidays.

Once you subscribe for a recurring order, you can log in to your own order management admin panel and manage everything and control your own orders.

Some of the things you can do are:

• Change the frequency of a subscription (i.e. from once every month to once every 6 weeks).
• Update shipping address.
• Update credit card & billing information.
• Change product quantities on an order.
• Add products to an existing recurring subscription.
• View upcoming schedule of shipments.
• Skip one, or multiple, shipments on a subscription order. (Great if a you go on vacation).
• Cancel a recurring subscription.


One of the most important features! When you are shopping at I Am Natural Store you will see an "Add to Cart" AND an "Add to Subscription" button on products. You DO NOT need to enter a credit card and address again! This makes it easy for you to just add any other non-subscription products to an existing subscription order without filling out all the shipping and payment info again. (You must be logged in to your account and have an existing recurring order for this feature to work).


Let us know if you have further questions.