Fragrance from plants have a subtle and stimulating effect on our well-being and environment. The Aromambiance range is a Japanese incense that has been composed according to the principles of aromachology... based on the influence of plants and their fragrances on our well-being: citrus fruits and spicy fragrances for dynamism; flowers for creativity; woody scents for calm and poise; and sandalwood and jinkoh for relaxation It's an exciting way to experience well-being with fragrances and to learn how to use them in your daily life.

Incense to deodorise AND perfume your house

The incense in the Aromambiance range contains flavonoids natural green tea extracts which have the ability to neutralise the molecules responsible for bad odours. In 5 minutes, thanks to the action of one stick, 75% of bad odour molecules disappear.

Aromambiance incense acts in two ways it neutralises bad odours and then perfumes the air Purity and freshness guaranteed!


Aromachology emerged in the 1980s as a science investigating the links between fragrances and the physical world. Many experiments have proven what we have known intuitively for millennia, namely that fragrances do have an important effect on our minds and bodies. Along with the popularity of Aromatherapy there is renewed interest in this subject. We are putting ourselves under ever-increasing levels of stress, technology is advancing at a rapid rate and environmental matters are becoming ever more important.

The incense in the Aromambiance Well-Being range is firmly rooted in the science of Aromachology and comprises a complete set of fragrances designed to accompany all of our day-to-day activities.

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