Subtle fragrances for the harmony of the Chi, the Energy of Life in the home.

FENG SHUI INCENSE by FLORISENS is manufactured in Chinas Canton region, from an incense paste similar to that of Japanese incense, and spread around a thin stick of bamboo.
Feng Shui is an art whose origins go back more than 3000 years and whose aim is to harmonise man with his environment a representation of the traditional universe of the Chinese, full of common sense which works. 
Its most common applications are to situate places of habitation and to arrange objects in the interior of the home. Incense participates in the energies of these surroundings which are affected by the place itself, furniture and also the inhabitants
Energy is represented by 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. When the presence of one element is too feeble in a room, objects which represent it are used to try to develop its presence.

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