Experience the richness and diversity of a deeply spiritual culture.

Our range of Indian incense has been designed to capture the multi-faceted nature of Indian society and scents. The Discovering Indian incense is an authentic expression of the profusion of Indian fragrances. The Ancient Tradition range rediscovers the best of this land of spices and flowers. Ayurvedic incenses and their blends of plants are very effective on the mental and physical planes. Ecological incense means an ecological approach, a 100% natural and fair trade hand-made product. 

All these incenses come from different regions of India. They are the ambassadors for renowned Indian companies which proudly cultivate their know-how, handed down through the generations.

We are closely involved with developing new recipes and production methods, in the aim of transmitting authentic knowledge and better taking into account the demands of western clients, both in terms of the quality of the ingredients, fair trade and the protection of natural resources.



This type of incense is made from a mixture of aromatic ingredients in solid form, transformed into a paste by the addition of a natural adhesive and water. This paste is then rolled around a bamboo stick. The distinguishing aspect of this incense is its dry paste in which the chopped or grated pieces of its ingredients are visible. In this type of manufacturing process, some incenses can be distinguished by the predominance of woody (a distinctive mixture of wood powders and resins) or flowery (addition of essential oils to the paste) notes. Our Ecology, Traditional and Summer Incense ranges are of this type.

Dry Masala Bhattis : a Masala variation for our Ayurvedic incense. A sticky dry paste is made up out of sandalwood and rubber resin. Root extracts, leaves and fruits of medicinal plants are added, as well as essential oils.

Flora Masala : Its paste, which always has a moist appearance, is prepared out of solid and liquid fragrant substances, mixed with a hygroscopic gum called the halmaddi. It is this gum, extract of Mimusops, which gives a soft consistency to the sticks of incense. This type of incense is of high quality, noted for the strength and richness of its fragrance. It is often covered with wood powder to absorb any excess liquid. Our Discovering India range are of this type.


First of all, the sticks are prepared from pieces of bamboo, coated in a gangue composed of charcoal associated with an adhesive and wood powder. The sticks are then dipped, either in India or Europe, into a mixture of liquid perfumes diluted in solvent. More than 95% of the incense sold in Europe is of this type. We do not consider these perfumed sticks to be real incense. Naturally, you WILL NOT FIND THIS TYPE OF STICK at Les Encens du Monde.


A science of life and a means to good health, Ayurveda is a traditional Indian healing system. It is becoming increasingly appealing to Westerners who are seeking a lifestyle more in tune with their essential nature. According to Ayurveda, every manifestation of nature is composed of five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth.

Their combination creates three forces of life, or doshas:

Vata : movement ether and air.

Pitta : transformation fire and water.

Kapha : preservation water and earth.

Each person has a unique constitution composed of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which determines his personal health pattern. Everything in our daily lives has an influence on the balance of this pattern. The key to Ayurveda is to understand our own constitution and how Vata, Pitta and Kapha act in the body. 

In general, the predominant dosha is also the one which is most susceptible to develop, which causes the most problems to our health. By getting to know our own personal balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha within our constitution, it is possible to control more efficiently our behavioural tendancies, and the strengths and weaknesses which are associated with them. The intensity of the doshas varies according to the season, time of day, environment, external events and the place where you live. To keep healthy, we must simply adjust our diet and our physical and mental activity. When your faculties become more sensitive, you can use the incense which is most suitably adapted to you or to a given situation.

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