Karin, the subtlety and nobility of exceptional Japanese incense.

Elegance, luxury and refinement
Transport your store interior to 10th century Japan, the golden age of incense at the Imperial Court. Each scent in this range is a poetic composition inspired by the Tale of Genji, a novel written in this era of artistic flowering and the development of olfactory culture.
Each box contains 40 incense sticks that last 30 minutes each, plus a porcelaine d'art incense-holder with a pattern that changes every three months for the delight of the fans! Refined and luxurious incense for fans of exceptional Japanese incense.

Halfway between incense and perfume, these jewels, Ruby and Pearl, are scents as crystal clear as precious stones. Almost smokeless, their red glow is the seat of a mysterious alchemy where time appears to stand still. The special formulation of Ruby and Pearl incense produces very little smoke. These two types of incense were created to impart only the most subtle fragrances: ideal for people in delicate health or those who do not like smoke in general and might otherwise be inclined not to use incense.

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