Plant Incense


Eight 100% natural plant incenses whose special, plant-based formula gives off very little smoke. Original and natural fragrances for gourmets, with proven aromatic properties. An approach that is both ecological and ethical.

The strengths of the range 

Thanks to its special formula, which gives off very few VOC, its combination of plants recognised for their beneficial effects and its manufacture exclusively from natural products, Plant Incense is 100% ecological, 100% natural and 100% transparent for the incense customer.

It's the ideal incense for people in delicate health or for those who don't like smoke in general and who might otherwise be inclined not to use incense.

A blend of aromatic ingredients chosen for their beneficial effects and which make up more than 50% of the sticks weight.

Transparency with regard to ingredients described in clear INCI terms.

This logo gives you the following guarantees:
Solvent-free, preservative-free and with no synthetic products.
Manufactured in accordance with an ecological approach.

Our Plant incense has been authenticated by the ICEA (independent European control organism). ICEA controls the natural provenance and the absence of chemical substances in the products, with inspections and periodical analyses.

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