Q. Are all your products safe for everybody?

Let's start by saying...

All of our products are 100% safe for the vast majority of people.

Many ingredients, both synthetic and natural, can cause reactions in some individuals. It just depends on your own body's unique physical make up whether or not a product will be safe for you.

Synthetic ingredients apart, being a natural ingredient doesn't automatically mean it's safe. We all know some natural foods and ingredients can cause a reaction. Nuts are well-documented offenders, so is gluten, lactose, and chocolate!

You are an individual, and your body has a specific physiology unique to you. One ingredient may be safe enough for every single person on the planet, but it may be an allergen to you. If you are prone to allergic reactions, more than likely you will already know what particular foods or ingredients are triggers.

For this reason, we list every single ingredient, no matter how minuscule the amount, in every single product. We encourage you to read the ingredient lists to ensure a product is safe for you.

To make matters a little more complex, we also pass through various phases in our lifecycle, such as pregnancy, during which time certain ingredients such as some essential oils should be avoided.

So, rest assured. And please, read the ingredients list! And if in doubt, ask us.

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