Summer Incense



100% Natural, Ayurvedic, and Fair Trade

Citronella and Geranium : Summer Incense for Outdoors and Indoors.
Pleasing, fresh and toning fragrances, but not for mosquitoes and insects! A synergy of 100% natural plant extracts and essential oils (citronella, lemongrass, vetiver, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, camphor, etc.), formed into incense according to Ayurvedic principles.
Peace of mind for summer evenings! No more mosquitoes and insects and no more poisons! Just pleasing organic fragrances designed to improve your well-being!
This range of Summer incense is made in India by Naturveda in partnership with FLORISENS for the recipes and incense design.
International Fair Trade Association (IFAT) is one of the most important networks of international Fair Trade Organizations, created in 1989, which links southern producers with northern importers. The symbol of the guarantee provided is the Fair Trade Product logo.
Since 2000, our partner Naturveda, located in Pondichery, in the south of India, has been helping to socialize disadvantaged social groups in India and is a member of IFAT.
This help takes the form of permanent and seasonal employment for disadvantaged people, mainly women, the choice of small local producers for raw materials and handicrafts services, for which particular assistance is given for the research for new outlets.
Summer Incense is manufactured using the Dry Masala method, a 100% natural incense made from plants, spices and flowers, and representing a traditional aspect of India.
Dry masala incense is made using a mixture of aromatic ingredients in solid form, transformed into a paste by the addition of a natural gum and water. This paste is then rolled around a bamboo stick. 
The distinguishing aspect of this incense is its dry paste in which the chopped or grated pieces of its ingredients are visible. In this type of manufacturing process, some incenses can be distinguished by the predominance of woody notes (a distinctive mixture of wood powders and resins) or flowery notes (addition of essential oils to the paste).

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