Ayurvedic Incense


Our Ayurvedic incense consists of seven (7) incenses made from blends of plants traditionally recognised as having an effect on the seven vital centres, the chakras, and cone incense designed to balance the doshas.
This range of Ayurvedic Incense has been put together by the untiring hard work of the leading specialists of the present day. It's an authentic range, with attractive fragrances and packaging, destined as much for connoisseurs of Ayurveda or yoga as for new fans of Indian incenses.
These incenses are made according to the Dry Masala Bhattis method. Particular care is taken to obtain the best quality ingredients. Their purity and their particular dosage is extremely precise.
The plants used have an effect on different vital centres and also on a psychological level when burned as incense. They can be used traditionally as incense or in conjunction with essential oils.
Therapeutic indications are to be followed in the same way as, for example, medicinal plants. Their usage is not sufficient by itself and they should be used within a context. In the case of serious problems it is advisable to consult a doctor.

This type of incense is made from a mixture of aromatic ingredients in solid form, transformed into a paste by the addition of a natural adhesive and water. This paste is then rolled around a bamboo stick. The distinguishing aspect of this incense is its dry paste in which the chopped or grated pieces of its ingredients are visible. In this type of manufacturing process, some incenses can be distinguished by the predominance of woody notes (a distinctive mixture of wood powders and resins) or flowery notes (addition of essential oils to the paste). 
Dry masala bhattis:
a Masala variation for our Ayurvedic incense.
A sticky dry paste is made up out of sandalwood and rubber resin. Root extracts, leaves and fruits of medicinal plants are added, as well as essential oils.

Karnataka Indigenous Forests Project
The humanitarian organisation, Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra (VGKK), created in 1981 by Dr H. Sudarshan, is dedicated to the development of a community of 20,000 people living in their natural environment, the forests of the Karnataka region. Our Ayurvedic incense and some of the ingredients in the Ayurvedic incenses and other products from our partner in Bengalore, India are made by the Soliga tribal community.
Our partner donates part of what it makes by selling the incense to the Soliga Association.

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