Aromatic Wood Powder
( 3 varieties )

Fragrance :
Terms & conditions
  • LES ENCENS DU MONDE are certified 100% Natural incense collections produced by the major traditional incense cultures of the world – India, Tibet, and Japan. Les Encens Du Monde takes incense into a whole new realm – one of gourmet proportions!

    Les Encens Du Monde incense is composed of purely plant extracts - as opposed to the "dipped stick" incense (scentless 'punk' sticks dipped in a blend of perfume and solvent) like 95% of the incense on the market.

    To you, the global ecology, our environment, and Planet Earth
    • We choose only the very best ingredients and manufacturing techniques.
    • Our recipes aim whenever possible for 100% natural ingredients, to allow our clients to fully appreciate their real taste.
    • Our incense is largely composed of plant extracts – we do not market dipped-stick incense (scentless “punk” sticks dipped in a blend of perfume and solvent, like 95% of the incense on the market).
    • We eliminate any substance liable to present a health risk. Our products are manufactured in accordance with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. IFRA is an international professional association founded in 1973 in Brussels to encourage the development of perfumes and scents, in complete security.
    • We pay particular attention to using recyclable packaging and to decreasing the weight of the packaging in relation to that of the product (Eco conception).
    • We have created a 100% natural logo, displayed on most of our products, which confirms the following guarantees:
       ~ No solvents, preservatives, or synthetic substances.
       ~ Manufactured in accordance with an eco-friendly approach.
    • We have also initiated a process of certification with the ICEA (an independent, European, monitoring organisation). Our aim is to gradually extend this certification to all our products concerned.
  • Juniper - Cleaning up, deodorising, and antiseptic
    Juniper powder and it's essential oil, a slow-burning aromatic incense powder.
    Sandalwood - Sensual and relaxing
    Pure Australian Sandalwood powder, a slow-burning aromatic incense powder.
    Eucalyptus - Antiseptic and refreshing
    Powdered eucalyptus leaf, a slow-burning aromatic incense powder.
    Cedar - Purifying and resting
    Atlantic cedar powder and it's essential oil, a slow-burning aromatic incense powder.
  • Aromatic Wood Powders
    40g Tin



    The balsamic freshness of cedar, the Eastern sweetness of sandalwood, the rocky amber of juniper…

    These 100% natural scents from aromatic woods suffice in themselves and will tell you their age-old, majestic tale. This precious message will teach you how to live in peace and harmony with the planet.


    Put a pinch of aromatic wood powder on the small dish. Shape it into an half moon with your fingers. Light the top and keep burning for a few seconds, then gently blow the flame out and place the powder under the cover of the “Lutin” lamp. It will burn slowly and the smoke will adopt a decorative shape.

    Made in India
    20 sticks
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