Cast-iron, porcelain and stone
Cast-iron, porcelain and stone

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Incense Burner


  • Tibetan Incense Holder

    Natural stone incense holder
    Live in harmony with nature... such is the message offered by this engraved incense holder. An innovative and inspiring design.
    Natural stone. Black. L. 14 x W. 9 x H. 2.5 cm.

    Nepalese Incense Holder

    Natural stone incense holder
    An incense holder specifically designed for Nepalese incense cords. Light the cord and allow it to burn on the stone.
    Natural stone. Black. L. 12 x W. 8.5 x H. 1 cm.

    Feng Shui Incense Holder

    Natural Stone Incense Burner
    Traditional Chinese Art to enhance the positive energy in your home and to hold Chinese incense sticks in its centre.
    Natural stone. 8 cm diameter x H. 1 cm.

    Nami Incense Holder 

    Natural Stone Incense holder ( for sticks and cones )
    Square incense holder born from the form of a wave leaping onto a dune.
    Natural stone. Black. L. 9 x W. 9 x H. 2 cm.

    Eko Incense Holder

    Natural Stone Incense stick holder
    A small stone table in Japanese lines for burning incense sticks.
    Natural stone holder. Black. L. 8 x W. 8 x H. 5 cm.

    Plant Incense Holder

    Porcelain incense burner for Plant Incense range
    Porcelain d'art bowl accompanied with a sachet of coloured sand.
    Porcelain holder. Size: Diameter: 7 cm x Height 4 cm.

    Christmas Canoe Incense Holder

    Floral Porcelain Incense holder
    Canoe shaped incense holder for sticks.
    Ceramic holder. L. 20 x W. 3 x H. 4.5

    Aromambiance Incense Holder

    Porcelain Holder
    Porcelain d'art incense holder for burning incense with adjustable burning time. Put the cylinder in its holder. Adjust the incense stick in the cylinder depending on how long you want it to burn.
    Porcelain d'art Incense Holder L. 16.5 x H. 4 x D. 2.5 cm

    Black Fountain Incense Holder

    Cast Iron Incense Holder
    This incense-burner can hold up to 4 incense sticks in its centre, be they long or short, whilst the incense powder gently covers the base.
    Cast iron holder. Black W. 8 x H. 3.5 cm.
  • We have designed and had made for you these incense-holders in simple, sober and contemporary styles, out of various noble materials, by craftsmen from all over the world.

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