Aromas of Tea and Coffee ( 3 varieties )

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  • LES ENCENS DU MONDE are certified 100% Natural incense collections produced by the major traditional incense cultures of the world – India, Tibet, and Japan. Les Encens Du Monde takes incense into a whole new realm – one of gourmet proportions!

    Les Encens Du Monde incense is composed of purely plant extracts - as opposed to the "dipped stick" incense (scentless 'punk' sticks dipped in a blend of perfume and solvent) like 95% of the incense on the market.

    To you, the global ecology, our environment, and Planet Earth
    • We choose only the very best ingredients and manufacturing techniques.
    • Our recipes aim whenever possible for 100% natural ingredients, to allow our clients to fully appreciate their real taste.
    • Our incense is largely composed of plant extracts – we do not market dipped-stick incense (scentless “punk” sticks dipped in a blend of perfume and solvent, like 95% of the incense on the market).
    • We eliminate any substance liable to present a health risk. Our products are manufactured in accordance with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. IFRA is an international professional association founded in 1973 in Brussels to encourage the development of perfumes and scents, in complete security.
    • We pay particular attention to using recyclable packaging and to decreasing the weight of the packaging in relation to that of the product (Eco conception).
    • We have created a 100% natural logo, displayed on most of our products, which confirms the following guarantees:
       ~ No solvents, preservatives, or synthetic substances.
       ~ Manufactured in accordance with an eco-friendly approach.
    • We have also initiated a process of certification with the ICEA (an independent, European, monitoring organisation). Our aim is to gradually extend this certification to all our products concerned.
  • Darjeeling Tea  
    Darjeeling Tea Japanese incense sticks and a Tea leaf shaped alabaster incense-holder.
    80 sticks lasting 15 mins each + incense burner

    Mocha Coffee
    Gourmet Mocha Coffee Japanese incense sticks and a Tea leaf shaped black marble incense-holder.
    80 sticks lasting 15 mins each + incense burner

    Matcha Tea
    Matcha Tea scented incense sticks and a Tea leaf shaped grey marble incense-holder. 
    80 sticks lasting 15 mins each + incense burner
  • Japanese Incense
    80 sticks lasting 15 mins each

    Perfumes so natural they entice you right into the gourmet's universe of tea and coffee.

    These beautifully presented gift sets contain 80 Japanese incense sticks and an alabaster incense-holder. Presented in 3 famously aromatic scents:


    Manufactured using a revolutionary technique known as "micro-encapsulation", Treasure of Sweetness and Tender Season incense produce practically no smoke, never become stale and gently diffuse their delicate scents. Ideal for people in delicate health or those who do not like smoke in general and might otherwise be inclined not to use incense.


    An inner force, dynamic yet serene, that rises up through a perfect agreement between the soul and the grace of the plant kingdom. 

    According to Japanese tradition, the different ingredients used are expertly measured to express a poetic image. If you take the time to create an atmosphere and cultivate a certain sensitivity you will experience all the magic of the tea ceremony and the use of noble Japanese incense.

 The fifteen century-old traditional use of incense in every aspect of daily life in Japan has turned it into a complete lifestyle.

    Knowledge and appreciation of incense was at its peak in the refined world of Koh-Do, the ‘way of incense’.

 It was considered an expression of sensitivity and refinement adapted to everyday life whether to perfume the
house in preparation for a guest or to provide a specific atmosphere.

Japanese incense is a perfect expression of the olfactory culture of a people and the expertise of its incense manufacturing houses on a secular level.

    It is presented in various forms: sticks, cones, balls, spirals among others. 

The numerous ingredients, wood powders, plants, spices and essential oils are mixed with other plant gels and then kneaded into flat tablets which are dried, cut into sticks and packaged.

    Made in Japan
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