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100% Natural, Gourmet Incense

Genuine world incense is, like world cuisine or world music, a popular expression of a vast cultural richness for pleasure and well-being on a daily basis. By cultivating our passion, just as wine-makers produce their wine, we have succeeded in finding an authentic expression for luxury natural incense.

Welcome to Les Encens du Monde, certified 100% natural incense collections produced by the major traditional incense cultures of the world – India, Tibet, and Japan. Les Encens du Monde takes incense into a whole new realm – one of gourmet proportions!


To you, the global ecology, our environment and Planet Earth
• We choose only the very best ingredients and manufacturing techniques.
• Our recipes aim whenever possible for 100% natural ingredients, to allow our clients to fully appreciate their real taste.
• Our incense is largely composed of plant extracts – we do not market dipped-stick incense (scentless “punk” sticks dipped in a blend of perfume and solvent, like 95% of the incense on the market).
• We eliminate any substance liable to present a health risk. Our products are manufactured in accordance with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. IFRA is an international professional association founded in 1973 in
Brussels to encourage the development of perfumes and scents, in complete security.
• We pay particular attention to using recyclable packaging and to decreasing the weight of the packaging in relation to that of the product (Eco conception).
• We have created a 100% natural logo, displayed on most of our products, which confirms the following guarantees:
~ No solvents, preservatives, or synthetic substances.
~ Manufactured in accordance with an eco-friendly approach.
• We have also initiated a process of certification with the ICEA (an independent, European, monitoring organisation). Our aim is to gradually extend this certification to all our products concerned.

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Fragrance from plants have a subtle and stimulating effect on our well-being and environment. The Aromambiance range is a Japanese incense that has been composed according to the principles of aromachology... based on the influence of plants and their fragrances on our well-being: citrus fruits and spicy fragrances for dynamism; flowers for creativity; woody scents for calm and poise; and sandalwood and jinkoh for relaxation… It's an exciting way to experience well-being with fragrances and to learn how to use them in your daily life.

Incense to deodorise AND perfume your house.
The incense in the Aromambiance range contains flavonoids – natural green tea extracts – which have the ability to neutralise the molecules responsible for bad odours. In 5 minutes, thanks to the action of one stick, 75% of bad odour molecules disappear.
Aromambiance incense acts in two ways – it neutralises bad odours and then perfumes the air… Purity and freshness guaranteed!

Aromachology emerged in the 1980s as a science investigating the links between fragrances and the physical world. Many experiments have proven what we have known intuitively for millennia, namely that fragrances do have an important effect on our minds and bodies. Along with the popularity of Aromatherapy there is renewed interest in this subject. We are putting ourselves under ever-increasing levels of stress, technology is advancing at a rapid rate and environmental matters are becoming ever more important.
The incense in the Aromambiance Well-Being range is firmly rooted in the science of Aromachology and comprises a complete set of fragrances designed to accompany all of our day-to-day activities.



Eight 100% natural plant incenses whose special, plant-based formula gives off very little smoke. Original and natural fragrances for gourmets, with proven aromatic properties. An approach that is both ecological and ethical.

Thanks to its special formula, which gives off very few VOC, its combination of plants recognised for their beneficial effects and its manufacture exclusively from natural products, Plant Incense is 100% ecological, 100% natural and 100% transparent for the incense customer. It's the ideal incense for people in delicate health or for those who don't like smoke in general and who might otherwise be inclined not to use incense. A blend of aromatic ingredients chosen for their beneficial effects and which make up more than 50% of the stick’s weight.

• Solvent-free, preservative-free and with no synthetic products.

• Manufactured in accordance with an ecological approach.

• Plant incense has been authenticated by the ICEA (independent European control organism). ICEA controls the natural provenance and the absence of chemical substances in the products, with inspections and periodical analyses.



An inner force, dynamic yet serene, that rises up through a perfect agreement between the soul and the grace of the plant kingdom.

According to Japanese tradition, the different ingredients used are expertly measured to express a poetic image. If you take the time to create an atmosphere and cultivate a certain sensitivity you will experience all the magic of the tea ceremony and the use of noble Japanese incense.

The fifteen century-old traditional use of incense in every aspect of daily life in Japan has turned it into a complete lifestyle. Knowledge and appreciation of incense was at its peak in the refined world of Koh-Do, the ‘way of incense’.

It was considered an expression of sensitivity and refinement adapted to everyday life whether to perfume the
house in preparation for a guest or to provide a specific atmosphere.

Japanese incense is a perfect expression of the olfactory culture of a people and the expertise of its incense manufacturing houses on a secular level.

It is presented in various forms: sticks, cones, balls, spirals among others. 

The numerous ingredients, wood powders, plants, spices and essential oils are mixed with other plant gels and then kneaded into flat tablets which are dried, cut into sticks and packaged.


An original expression of the tradition belonging to the most prestigious Japanese incense manufacturers. These rolls are also extremely good value for money ranking them as an incense for everyday use.

A choice of about twenty traditional compositions inspired by poetic imagery. These incenses, which are for everyday use in Japan, are presented in the form of short rolls (13 to 15 cm) that last about 30 minutes, and long rolls (21 to 25 cm), lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Manufactured using a revolutionary technique known as "micro-encapsulation", Treasure of Sweetness and Tender Season incense produce practically no smoke, never become stale and gently diffuse their delicate scents. Ideal for people in delicate health or those who do not like smoke in general and might otherwise be inclined not to use incense.



Karin, the subtlety and nobility of exceptional Japanese incense.

Elegance, luxury and refinement

Transport your store interior to 10th century Japan, the golden age of incense at the Imperial Court. Each scent in this range is a poetic composition inspired by the “Tale of Genji”, a novel written in this era of artistic flowering and the development of olfactory culture.

Each box contains 40 incense sticks that last 30 minutes each, plus a porcelaine d'art incense-holder with a pattern that changes every three months for the delight of the fans! Refined and luxurious incense for fans of exceptional Japanese incense.


Halfway between incense and perfume, these jewels, Ruby and Pearl, are scents as crystal clear as precious stones. Almost smokeless, their red glow is the seat of a mysterious alchemy where time appears to stand still. The special formulation of Ruby and Pearl incense produces very little smoke. These two types of incense were created to impart only the most subtle fragrances: ideal for people in delicate health or those who do not like smoke in general and might otherwise be inclined not to use incense



Subtle fragrances for the harmony of the “Chi”, the Energy of Life in the home.

FENG SHUI INCENSE is manufactured in China’s Canton region, from an incense paste similar to that of Japanese incense, and spread around a thin stick of bamboo. Feng Shui is an art whose origins go back more than 3000 years and whose aim is to harmonise man with his environment… a representation of the traditional universe of the Chinese, full of common sense… which works.

Its most common applications are to situate places of habitation and to arrange objects in the interior of the home. Incense participates in the “energies” of these surroundings which are affected by the place itself, furniture and also the inhabitants…

Energy is represented by 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. When the presence of one element is too feeble in a room, objects which represent it are used to try to develop its presence.



100% natural incense made from plants, spices and flowers... a tour around eternal India. Each of these incense represents an aspect of traditional India. The best quality materials are combined according to the “Masala” method, to offer a journey across this rich land, the cradle of Hinduism and Buddhism.


Made from a mixture of aromatic ingredients in solid form, transformed into a paste using a natural adhesive and water. This paste is then rolled around a bamboo stick. The distinguishing aspect of this incense is its dry paste in which the chopped or grated pieces of its ingredients are visible. In this type of manufacturing, incenses can be distinguished by the predominance of woody notes (a distinctive mixture of wood powders and resins) or flowery notes (addition of essential oils to the paste).



Our Ayurvedic incense consists of seven (7) incenses made from blends of plants traditionally recognised as having an effect on the seven vital centres, the chakras, and cone incense designed to balance the doshas.

This range of Ayurvedic Incense has been put together by the untiring hard work of the leading specialists of the present day. It's an authentic range, with attractive fragrances and packaging, destined as much for connoisseurs of Ayurveda or yoga as for new fans of Indian incenses.

These incenses are made according to the Dry Masala Bhattis method. Particular care is taken to obtain the best quality ingredients. Their purity and their particular dosage is extremely precise. The plants used have an effect on different vital centres and also on a psychological level when burned as incense. They can be used traditionally as incense or in conjunction with essential oils.

Therapeutic indications are to be followed in the same way as, for example, medicinal plants. Their usage is not sufficient by itself and they should be used within a context. In the case of serious problems it is advisable to consult a doctor.


This type of incense is made from a mixture of aromatic ingredients in solid form, transformed into a paste by the addition of a natural adhesive and water. This paste is then rolled around a bamboo stick. The distinguishing aspect of this incense is its dry paste in which the chopped or grated pieces of its ingredients are visible. In this type of manufacturing process, some incenses can be distinguished by the predominance of woody notes (a distinctive mixture of wood powders and resins) or flowery notes (addition of essential oils to the paste).
Dry masala bhattis: a Masala variation for our Ayurvedic incense. A sticky dry paste is made up out of sandalwood and rubber resin. Root extracts, leaves and fruits of medicinal plants are added, as well as essential oils.

Karnataka Indigenous Forests Project

The humanitarian organisation, Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra (VGKK), created in 1981 by Dr H. Sudarshan, is dedicated to the development of a community of 20,000 people living in their natural environment, the forests of the Karnataka region. Our Ayurvedic incense and some of the ingredients in the Ayurvedic incenses and other products from our partner in Bengalore, India are made by the Soliga tribal community. Our partner donates part of what it makes by selling the incense to the Soliga Association.


100% natural relaxing incense, to purify the air and for general well-being.

A Buddhist land, whose people live closely in touch with nature, home to a tradition of shamans, Tibetan incense conveys the strength of the Himalayas and the enlightened consciousness of its sages.

Respecting ancient texts and traditional recipes, these incenses are manufactured in India in the clinic of Dr Dolkar, a woman doctor, descendant of the 15th generation of famous Tibetan doctors. This incense is a means of financing her mission: to give consultations to the population for a very modest fee.

Each composition corresponds to a different use: these incenses are used for meditational and ritual purposes, or as a medicinal herb for relaxation, calming, soothing and harmonising tensions and unbalanced energies, and for purifying the air. The woody, coppery and cypress fragrances create a harmonious and calm atmosphere.


Disharmony of energies in Tibetan medicine is seen as an imbalance of different “winds” (Ch’i in Chinese, r’Lung in Tibetan, Vata in Indian Ayurveda). As a consequence, Tibetan incenses are made of plants and woodpowders, mixed with water, to rebalance energies. The paste obtained is extruded into stick form. The resulting mixtures often contain several dozen plants. Some are recognised for their spiritual properties, such as white and red sandalwood, frankincense, and Indian myrrh. Others are typically Tibetan such as rhododendron, ferula, and fragrant inula or blue poppy from the Himalayas, and Asafoetida.



The balsamic freshness of cedar, the Eastern sweetness of sandalwood, the rocky amber of juniper…

These 100% natural scents from aromatic woods suffice in themselves and will tell you their age-old, majestic tale. This precious message will teach you how to live in peace and harmony with the planet.


Put a pinch of aromatic wood powder on the small dish. Shape it into an half moon with your fingers. Light the top and keep burning for a few seconds, then gently blow the flame out and place the powder under the cover of the “Lutin” lamp. It will burn slowly and the smoke will adopt a decorative shape.


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