Black Cumin Cajeput Serum Concentrate, 5ml

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  • 1- Daily Skin-Booster
    In the palm of your hand, mix 2-3 drops into your daily dose of face cream.

    2- Intensive Treatment

    Massage a few drops into clean dry skin. For extra hydration, first dampen skin with one of Odacite’s facial mists. Apply a few drops on wet skin.
  • Highest-grade cold-pressed certified virgin organic Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) oil*, Certified organic Cajeput (Melaleuca minor) essential oil*, Certified GMO-free Vitamin E (Tocopherols) oil.

    * Certified organic ingredient
  • Booster Serum for Oily / Combination skin


    Formulated to absorb deep into pores, this active serum helps to achieve blemish-free skin and smooth the complexion.

    The purifying properties of Black Cumin oil control the spread of breakout-causing bacteria.

    Therapeutic Cajeput acts at the source of the problem with potent antiseptic properties, helping to prevent further pimple eruption.

    In aromatherapy, Cajeput is known to promote clear thoughts and liveliness

    Just a few drops. Super concentrated, 2-3 drops - morning and night - mixed in your dose of moisturiser is all it takes! Each Serum Concentrate offers a one month treatment (one cycle of skin cells.)

    • Gluten Free


    The Pure Elements collection offers 18 ultra-targeted skin remedies, for remarkable results in minimal time. Each Serum Concentrate is born of the alliance of ancient medicinal plant knowledge with the research and clinical studies of modern science, to create powerful skin boosters. Each drop is a concentrated dose of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, which are all essential in skin regeneration as well as detoxification. Formulated for perfect skin compatibility and deep absorption, whether your skin is mature, sensitive, devitalised or fighting pimples , there is a perfect formula for you.

    Made In USA
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Black Cumin Cajeput Serum Concentrate, 5ml
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Australia Australia
I recommend this product
My holy grail!!!! 20/10

I've never had acne until I turned 23, I was beside myself... Why now? I tried everything you can think of, regular salicylic facials, various salicylic products, witch hazel, Azeleic acid creams, sulfur ointments, Mario Badescu's drying lotions, korean acne products, literally everything! (I was even on accutane for a few years) they were either useless, just okay, or worked slowly for a while and then stopped making any effect. I've now been off accutane for 2 years now and only get pimples because of stress or my period (so kinda regularly lol) And after trying all those products, I stumbled upon this one. At first i wasn't too sold on it, I had seen every claim under the sun and this was a tiny and expensive bottle but I wanted something new and the positive reviews ended up giving me a push I needed... Best decision ever!!!! I use it as a spot treatment at night, as it is an oil, you don't need a lot, (a bottle lasts me a month or 2 depending how many pimples I get) and when I wake up the next day, the pimple is significantly smaller than it was, it's like magic!! I will buy this forever! I use it along other products but if I had to chose just one, it'd be this one for sure!

Queensland, Australia
Perfect spot treatment

I received some of this serum as a sample and I’m so glad I did - it works sncredibly well as a spot treatment, but you can add it in with another facial oil/moisturizer if you choose. When I use this as a spot treatment, my blemishes are half the size by the next day and the redness has greatly reduced (but it doesn’t leave your blemishes excessively dried out and scabby). I have hyper-sensitive skin that congests easily and is extremely reactive, so a lot of blemish treatments are too harsh and drying on my skin. I’ll never use another spot treatment again - it’s seriously the best I’ve ever tried and a little goes a long way. Total hero product for me.

Brisbane, Australia
works well

Works well for my slightly oily skin when I suffer breakouts at that time of the month.

Yullia B.
Melbourne, Australia

I am in love with this serum! I have had acne most of my life and though I have gotten most of it under control by changing my skincare and diet I still suffer from the occasional breakout. But now, whenever I feel a bump underneath my skin, I put just a touch of this on the area and the next morning it is flat! It even works on the larger, more inflamed blemishes that I still get sometimes. Nothing I have ever used works like this. Not the spot treatments especially made for pimples or tea tree oil. I also love this as an all over face moisturiser. I don't use it everyday as there isn't much and it is a bit expensive but whenever I put on make up (1-2 times a week) I put this on directly after my moisturiser and before my foundation or bb cream and it just melts into my skin and creates a beautiful base. My new Holy Grail!

Adelaide, SA
Feeling like me

I got to try a free sample which lasted a week, and within that week I noticed a difference, so I ordered the bottle and am super pleased! Been using this for over a month now mixing into my daily moisturiser and no more deep hurting pimples at all... and the smaller surfaced pimples I put the oil directly on and they disappear by the next day! I'm 22, with mild acne since I was 14, but now I feel fresh faced and more confident in my own skin.. don't even feel the need to wear makeup to the shop anymore! I've tried tonnes of products through the years (chemical and natural), but this has by far been the most effective and my favourite! My skin loves it!

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