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Pencil Sharpener

Ere Perez

  • 1. Be sure to keep the sharpener clean by removing leftover residue with the tool provided and make up remover.
    corn resin
    Corn resin is an alternative to petroleum-based plastics and provides many solutions to environmental problems caused by our reliance on plastic. It is made from a renewable resource and is compostable, meaning that it will biodegrade under certain conditions. Corn resin is a great sustainable material.

    Nickel, Chrome , silicone rubber.

  • make up pencil sharpener

    Ere Perez eco sharpener beats the rest – it’s made from biodegradable corn resin (PLA) with a recyclable blade. And it performs too! The blade is made from the highest quality carbon steel to achieve a round point for smooth and flawless application.

    • Great for your eye and lip pencils
    • Cleaning tool included
    • Handy in every make up bag
    • Durable design.

    Made in Australia

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