Botanical Fragrance Oil, 15ml
Botanical Fragrance Oil, 15ml

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Perfume Oil

Josh Rosebrook

  • A proprietary blend of certified organic, organic and wild-crafted and essential oils, extracts and absolutes in a base of certified organic jojoba oil
  • Enfleuria fragrance oil is both delicate and daring, supple and charismatic. Real gardenia enfleurage unfolds into crisp green meadows revealing light, floral notes with hints of sweet jasmine, heady bergamot and citrus blossom that softens effortlessly into a warm, amber finish.

    Enfleurage is an 18th-century French technique used to extract the aromatic compounds from flowers using plant oils. The delicate gardenia base of this fragrance oil is hand-crafted through the process of enfleurage.

    Made in USA

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