LEMON • Organic
Pure Essential Oil, 10ml

Terms & conditions
  • · Apply 10 drops to water in a diffuser for home use and natural deodoriser
    · Add 5 drops to hot water for facial steam
    · Blend 2 drops lemon with vinegar and water for a natural shower and toilet cleaner
    · Add 5 drops to warm bath water for a refreshing soak
    · Blend 10 drops with 10 ml of carrier oil (i.e. jojoba, or sweet almond oil) for topical moisturiser or as a natural aroma
  • 100% pure essential oil of Lemon*
    * certified organic

    Sour + Sweet + Summer

    Italian lemon essential oil is extracted by cold pressing over 90kg of lemon rinds to extract just a small bottle. Best known for adding an intense flavour to candy and the zesty scent to cleaning products, lemon is associated with uplifting emotions and a sense of order and cleanliness.

    ORIGIN: Italy
    SCENT DESCRIPTION: Sour, sweet and summery
    INGREDIENTS: 100% pure certified organic essential oil of Lemon


    · Vegan
    · Against all animal testing
    · Free of all parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic dyes (no yucky stuff)

    VITRUVI says...

    Extracting the best essential oils from the best places they grow, we sourced 16 pure and organic essential oils from over 13 countries around the world. We’re fascinated by how science and scent intersect and modelled our bottles to reflect just that. Designed with the science of the periodic table in mind and the importance of aesthetic in your home we created our sleek black bottles with a number in each corner corresponding to their individual scent groups – woodsy, floral, citrus, and herbal.

    Disclaimer: Meant to be used to curate your perfect counter…not hidden underneath it!

    Made in Canada

    Discover the Brand - VITRUVI
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LEMON • Organic
Pure Essential Oil, 10ml
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