100% natural relaxing incense, to purify the air and for general well-being. 

A Buddhist land, whose people live closely in touch with nature, home to a tradition of shamans, Tibetan incense conveys the strength of the Himalayas and the enlightened consciousness of its sages.

Respecting ancient texts and traditional recipes, these incenses are manufactured in India in the clinic of Dr Dolkar, a woman doctor, descendant of the 15th generation of famous Tibetan doctors. This incense is a means of financing her mission: to give consultations to the population for a very modest fee.

Each composition corresponds to a different use: these incenses are used for meditational and ritual purposes, or as a medicinal herb for relaxation, calming, soothing and harmonising tensions and unbalanced energies, and for purifying the air. The woody, coppery and cypress fragrances create a harmonious and calm atmosphere.


Disharmony of energies in Tibetan medicine is seen as an imbalance of different winds (Chi in Chinese, rLung in Tibetan, Vata in Indian Ayurveda). As a consequence, Tibetan incenses are made of plants and woodpowders, mixed with water, to rebalance energies. The paste obtained is extruded into stick form. The resulting mixtures often contain several dozen plants. Some are recognised for their spiritual properties, such as white and red sandalwood, frankincense, and Indian myrrh. Others are typically Tibetan such as rhododendron, ferula, and fragrant inula or blue poppy from the Himalayas, and Asafoetida.

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